In particular Force Majeure contains many good parts so that the TD excursion into unfamiliar realms can be forgiven. There is more great lead guitar and drums, in a majestic opening section that segues into real horror soundtrack territory, replete with a synthesized night-black, hell-bound train, a gibbering madman demon? Even though I’m disappointed by one of these three compositions, Force Majeure has enough material to make me believe that this album is a return to form for Tangerine Dream. The spacious drama of the processes of meteorological and geological forces interacting through the ages re The record closes with “Thru Metamorphic Rocks”. My experiences of the music of Tangerine Dream are largely based on the synthesiser dominated albums “Encore”, “Rubycon” and “Phaedra”. The album consist of just three tracks, the opening title track occupying the whole of the first side of the original LP.

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Only little mistakes prevents this record from reaching the maximal note.

I will be very short here, Cloudburst Flight the middle piece from the album and the worst track from here is nothing than a boring trip through everything is about arangements on keys, the other two the longest are so so. To be honest this track makes me think to Eloy, and even if well played and absolutely not bad, it’s difficult thinking that this is a TD track.

Unfortunately their sound would get more streamlined after this. As the name would appear to indicate, the music on the album doesn’t seem played so much as propelled forward, the overall pace rarely slackening for tangerine dream force majeure.


I downloaded this recently and remember all the joy it once gave m Highly recommended Tangerine Dream album featuring a more aggressive symphonic prog sound, and is well suited towards fans of Zombi.

TANGERINE DREAM Force Majeure reviews

Force Majeure by Tangerine Dream: Forum user Forum password. Views Read Edit View history. I think this was a sign of things to come, as TD would return to a more electronic-based direction after this release.

As such, I would describe this as one of the least typical TD albums, but at the same time one of their very best. Later drums come back doing fills. Thru Metamorphic Rocks is probably the weakest of the tangerine dream force majeure tracks, but I can’t really think of that as bad necessarily.

This deserves 4 stars. Discography Filmography Tangerine Tree Bootleg tangerind. Tangerine Dream continues to evolve with Force Majeure. Cloudburst Flight continues on the same themes as the opening track but this time with even more of that Pink Floyd feel to it.

Drums are also present eletronic drums, but played by a real drummer anyway. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Featuring fastest metal guitar virtuoso. Starting out with some nice atmospheric sounds and a pretty typical TD sound, things seem to be in good order. Synths then take right over.


If you already know TD, allow yourself to be overcome by force majeurepun intended. TD and Tangerne were the only two rock groups endorsed by the Soviet Regime as both got described as Honest and constantly renewing artist majfure opposed to those depraved groups preaching individualismmaterialism and freedom. Ends spacey with some bass synth. Not very justified here. Thanks a lot to Edgar who was the soul and tangerinne since day one.


The various sections of the track are linked by more ambient passages, but in all this is an extremely tight and focused performance by the band.

The use of acoustic guitars below the highly melodic and colourful surface is especially noteworthy. The fact that “Force Majeure” is split into three long songs is absolutely no surprise by this point in their career. I apologise for any offence mameure analogy might cause, but I do believe such tracks work at least partly because they mimic a common and pleasurable human experience.

Maybe other albums from Tangerin Tangerine dream force majeure are more enjoyble.

Just luxuriate in the rangerine and depth of this solo I used to have this in the 80s after I gave up on the rock scene and went to a more instrumental phase of music, little did I know I fell into a Sub-genre of the prog world.