Reduces operator error and increases production efficiency. Intricate designs created via a variety of stitch effects make it possible to re-produce virtually any logo in a chenille format, quickly, easily and accurately. We hand pick programs that we know can open or otherwise handle each specific type of file. With its digitally controlled presser foot that adjusts for the thickness of the fabric being sewn, you are assured higher quality, less thread breaks, and overall smoother performance than you have ever experienced. Pulse ID Enterprise Networking.

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Looking for an embroidery machine to ramp up your production to a higher level?

takima With a variety of personalization solutions for all major brands of Direct to Garment and Laser Engraving machines, Pulse is able to offer our world class personalization engines to automate your entire production floor. For example, in the file name “winmail. Embroidery Software Solutions Great embroidery begins with great software!

Tajima DG/ML by Pulse (Maestro Multimedia Edition)

May 11th, The ultimate model born from the Tajima technology evolution. Professional Embroidery Digitizing Software. Puse a private message to Quickdraw Embroidery.

When you reach that point, it’s time to consider the ultimate in mid-range production equipment, Tajima’s exclusive 8 head, high output, embroidery machine.

DG / ML by Pulse

Pulse was the first embroidery company ever to receive the prestigious Microsoft certification over 8 years ago. Drag the Bezier control handles to instantly change the curve of your outlines without creating the shape over again.


Escrow service is available if desired. Yes it’s expensive, but it’s hands down the best in the business. May 17th, May 9th, Maximize your profit potential with this modular direct to garment printer with CMYK and tajlma white print heads. The ability to convert artwork to stitches quickly is a must for any embroiderer. Equipped with the Android tablet control panel and extremely low maintenance means the S-Type Tajima dgml by pulse sets an entirely new standard in affordable pule automatic textile printing.

New Project Design Wizard allows users to create favourite combinations of garment recipes, dvml start-stop locations, digitizing presets, and machine formats that can be recalled for each project in a single click.

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Send a private message to AngelWay. All of the industry leading features and functionality you need to succeed are now accessible from your mobile device, changing the way you operate your business. March 19th, The eight print heads coupled with single pass printing allows for increased productivity.

Expand your business to include printing on darks with this modular garment and T-shirt printer with CMYK and 2 white print heads.

Pulse Embroidery Software

Additional filters and automated cleaning functions help to maintain a steady pretreatment flux without nozzle failures. PulseKiosk intuitively integrates image creation with personalized text to create a one-of-a-kind decorated garment.


Thanks to its dgmml interface, the machine can now easily be integrated into an existing production system.

PulseID’s engines have been designed specifically for high volume personalization creation and offers customizable automation for any apparel decoration business. The Enterprise Networking solution ensures that your production floor is finely tuned to maximize profitability. Creator DG16 With the advanced lettering and tajima dgml by pulse editing features of Composer, plus professional design creation tools, Tajima dgml by pulse has everything a new puse needs to be successful.

The TCMX is another ideal choice for the serious startup chenille embroiderer. Invested with all the latest technology, the TFSN Series has brought both the high quality and cost reduction to reality.

Tajima’s superbly engineered 2 head automatic chenille machine is pule for producing everything from Letterman jacket emblems to corporate logo’s with up to 6 colors of yarn. Our industry leading stitch technology ensures that even the most complex designs will always bj out at the highest quality. Exclusive support for Tajima LAN-enabled embroidery machines. Can’t find what you’re looking for?