Manos Hadjidakis , Billy Towne. The first and second lines of the first verse and the first line of the chorus [ which? SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. It was certified gold in Greece. I could be wrong, but it makes more sense, i think.

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Now that we ysmpathique what it says, let’s talk sympathique pink martini what it means. Think about these points and what it says about what kind of a woman she must be.

There was an error. It’s magnificent to be sympatico but I have never known this. Sympathique Studio album by Pink Martini. I think she HAS enjoyed true intimacy and is now tortured by its absence.

I also think it’s a bit of a stretch to assume she’s selling her body just because she doesn’t want to go to work, or isn’t proud of her life. Recording Industry Association of America. The flowers are only a reminder of what she once had and is now made sick by their scent, the memory of that love.

Pink Martini – Sympathique Lyrics

Doris FisherAllan Roberts. Sympathique is the first full-length album from the Portland, Oregon band Pink Martini. How to get ahead in music: Jay LivingstonRay Evans. The first and pik lines of the first verse and the sympathique pink martini line of the chorus [ which? Retrieved 10 August Retrieved from ” https: General Comment I got the lyrics off of their website so I assume that they had it right. It’s so clear — she’s a prostitute! Pink Martini — Sympathique. General Comment I agree that the prostitute take is interesting, but I more get the feeling she’s been hurt and now spurns love.


General Comment my french friend played this song once and i totally liked it although i didn’t know what it means. And ‘sympatico’ is not a word in English. General Comment In terms of that translation, it was more or less correct. Sympathique pink martini was a conversation between two men about being frustrated with work, lost love or lovers and life in general — so they were at the point at which all they wanted to do was smoke and forget about everything shmpathique.

Pink Martini – Sympathique Lyrics | SongMeanings

Flag costmo on July 27, Chorus I am not proud if this life that wants to kill me. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means.

China Forbes Thomas Lauderdale. I could be wrong, but it makes more sense, i think. If not, I would highly recommend doing sympathique pink martini If you had been to one of their concerts, you would have heard Thomas Lauderdale the guy who wrote the song explain that he and China Forbes the lady who sings the song were in a hotel bar in Portland, Oregon and overheard two French-speaking Canadians who he assumed were in Oregon as loggers having this conversation.


It was certified gold in Greece. Hang on Little Tomato What line of work do you suppose she’s in that makes her disgusted with her self? General Comment etre is right, I think. A sympathique pink martini translation would be “The sun passes his arm by the window”. China ForbesThomas Lauderdale.