Easier way to add local Templates and Scripts to the list. In turn, people across continents now share templates with one another to take the guesswork out of parsing and editing raw data. Simple character sets can be exporting to a CSV file by clicking on the Export Fixed printing multiple copies of files. The HighlightFindStyle function has an option to create custom Syntax Styles if they do not yet exist.

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Fixed problem opening processes on bit Windows.

Added new File Interfaces to the New list. The new Syntax Highlighting method can handle a huge range of other text formats but requires some programming to implement. Fixed the temp directory displaying a short path name. Temp directory can pick up the TEMP system variable. NET core compatible if it isn’t already?

Moved list of available functions to the ‘Functions’ tab of the Inspector. On Windows, fixed using file masks ‘. Deitor issues on Windows 7. MessageBox supports UTF-8 encoding. Updated the style sweetscape 010 editor version 3 a number of dialogs including the Startup page and Welcome page.


Increased maximum line width in the Hex Editor from to bytes. Right-click on the application when all tabs are closed for an option edutor show the Startup Page. New constants are available for the ConvertString function for the newly available build-in character sets. Just wish the macOS version looked more appealing. Edit styles using the Styles page of the Options dialog. Fixed inputting certain floats or doubles in the Inspector on Windows.

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Variables defined in script are now displayed in the ‘Variables’ tab of the Inspector. The current version number sweetscape 010 editor version 3 now displayed in the Register dialog.

Fixed the Output tab automatically scrolling down as text is added. New Functions Can run a template from a script RunTemplate. Fixed crash calling a function in a script when the first character in the argument list was a comma. Fixed the AddBookmark function was not properly using the UTF-8 character set for the ‘name’ parameter.

Add separators efitor the menu using the special Separator action.


010 Editor – Release Notes

Fixed passing a very long line to a Syntax Highlighter could cause the software to slow down. Mark a file as readonly using ‘-readonly’. Fixed error in the first result using Find Strings on a custom range. Please fill out the form below with correct email address.

Join now Editor v9. Powerful Workspace view including file explorer.

Fixed behavior comparing int -1 to 0xffffffff to be consistent with 3. General Each Tool Bar can now be resized to be smaller than its contents. Many dialogs have an expandable ‘Options’ section.

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Clipboard Can use ‘Paste Special’ command to paste in different formats. Support passing strings or wstrings to external functions. New functions for easier reading and writing of text files.