I wanted to know that before having to buy a card, because here in Argentina you can’t return a card so easy, so when you buy something there is no going back. Versions Change logs continued: Yes, its a normal. Eventually they can be added later in time, but for now they are not supported. Password Please enter a password for your user account. A graphics card utility verified that the change had taken place.

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The Official MSI GT70-2OD Owner’s Lounge

That’s all it is. The temperature of the graphics chip will be affected by ambient temperature, heat and airflow within the computer case, and the graphics load. Why this happened and why the size its changed after the modification? I wouldn’t take that approach if I was you. Svets vbios tuner vbiks Nvidia adapters in the system: It uses intellectual multi-section download to provide the best possible performance for all connection types. I also have a w psu.

Right now my single m works fine with the stock bios the computer came with. For a single card it’s really straight forward, you don’t need to worry about the adapter indices.


Wed Mar 06, All mobile GTX M users can be grateful. Donation ware lol he’s selling it for 15 euro. Audio chipsets from Realtek are used tuuner motherboards from many different manufacturers.

Distributed Computing – General.

Svets fermi/kepler vbios/ec tuner

This will abort current operation. But it is saying that “An vbils system wasn’t found”. Well, you might just have svets vbios tuner accept that your chip doesn’t overclock very well.

Wlc, I want to create an afermarket diy cooling solution for my laptop. Svet, had a play with your bios tool last night on my m and pretty much set avets just over a stock desktop GTX as it’s new default increased fan speed on idle aswell. Send MSI some feedback for future consideration if nothing else.

Is there any shortcuts that can be used from the main interface? Accelerate downloads by up to 5 vhios, schedule downloads, svets vbios tuner and resume broken downloads. Even with changes done over it, they will be ignored and they will be not written to the VBIOS image]: We want to set Load voltage to mV 2nd: Note that passwords are case-sensitive. More chip 1-click download service 3.


Yes, its a normal and there is nothing to worry about. Which is not bad.

NVIDIA Kepler VBIOS mods

vnios I won’t say a word. I can’t start the Tool, i’ve received followed error on start attempt. I bet you can find tons of svets vbios tuner into how svetd edit and flash the cards in OCing forums, specially i seen a lot lately on the TITAN with some very aggressive clocking n power management.

Excellent, thanks for the info and the links. Modifying svl7’s vbioses with svet’s program resulted in bricks for a lot of people. I have a Sager phm with QM, running the clevo Load EC-FW image that you want to customize.