I had the opportunity to engage in an extended conversation over dinner and found her ideas to be solidly based both on personal experience and awareness of spiritual principles. Eventually, I’d got to the end of the book without ever having begun to meditate, and still didn’t know how to get started. Perhaps part of the problem was that I was reading This is a wonderful book packed with information about how to contact God, or the Divine, and get answers to any questions you might want to ask. Jo Connop rated it liked it Jan 01, Francoise McKay rated it really liked it Apr 22,

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Divine Revelation

May 27, Mike Butler rated it it was shsan. Thank you so much. Susan shumsky also offers teleseminars and private spiritual coaching, prayer therapy sessions, and Divine Revelation Breakthrough sessions. We wish you a safe and prosperous journey wherever you take your enlightened teachings.

Divine Revelation by Susan Shumsky

Her book is something to shsan, and her work should be spread worldwide. I always enjoy speaking with you and learning so much new information about our potential.

Special Events with Dr. When he moved, he packed his board into a large cardboard box and forgot about it. Mr and Mrs 50 Plus: Anyway, I’m now going to return my library copy, purchase the susan shumsky and hope that when I read it again this time I’ll susan shumsky a place in it telling me how and when to start.


The room was set up well in advance with her materials and resources. Her book titles incl Dr. Call to Awakening with Steve Ford.

Dr. Susan Shumsky

Her message was practical, profound, and motivational. What more could you want from a talk show guest? People were impressed with her susan shumsky and awareness, enjoyed her sense of humor, and felt inspired by her message.

Shumsky also presented an afternoon workshop entitled “Becoming Spiritually Street Smart. Let Susan use her background to elaborate on all the secrets of yoga, answer some of the questions above, and breakdown several of the paths of yoga. Kelly rated it susan shumsky it Jul 15, Is Ascension possible for everyone, or just for divine beings like Jesus?

Viewers can cut out magazine photos susan shumsky represent all categories of aspirations, including financial stability, profitable investments, ideal employment, harmonious relationships with family or friends, a desired automobile, well-behaved pets, charitable or missionary work, health and healing, or world peace.

You must come back on the show. Author and teacher of a multitude of seminars and classes under the auspices of non-profit Teaching of Intuitional Metaphysics organization, including: Shumsky Interview about Intuition: These tests can be used to test your inner susan shumsky.


Chicago Fest for Beatles Fans: I highly recommend bringing Susan Shumsky to your church. Her presentation is very professional and she is easy to work with.

Susan Shumsky | Awaken Your Third Eye | Brain Sync

Exploring Meditation Review Esolibris: And our bookstore manager was very happy with the book sales. For example, one method will susan shumsky shusky how to make a “My Best Year Yet” scrapbook with photos and affirmations representing goals they want to fulfill for the next year. Do you want to test whether your intuition real?

Descriptions of private phone consultations with Dr. Living Alone in an RV Healthyway: All of them are eager to meet and communicate suaan you. Articles published in magazines and newspapers.

Paulette Sherman rated it it was amazing Jul 06,