From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Their lead midfielder is Liquido. Coach’s stress levels have been steadily rising North Shaw Defender, Centre Back 7. Their lead striker and captain is Chuck T. So, when he stumbles upon Toni Vern’s latest invention, a soccer super-suit, he steals it for himself.

supa strikas comic

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Supa Strikas head to a peaceful island for pre-season training to escape irritating media spokespersons when they are surprised to see Invincible United doing the same leading to a cross country football match to decide who deserves to stay in the island.

Their current lead striker and captain is Zoom Zahir. He’s from Australia and strikaa close friends with The Blok. While Hack ran away because Supa Strikas didn’t really gave him a good welcome. With Dooma’s help, Invincible United had squeezed into the super league finals, against their rivals, Supa Strikas. Johnson Junior playing around with the goggles.

supa strikas comic

Twisting Tiger Midfielder, Right Winger 9. Big Bo suspects foul play and Supa Strikas’ long-retired mascot, Lenny The Lightning bolt, rides into town to help solve the mystery.


Views Read Edit View history. Wearing the captain’s armband is a great honour for Dancing Rasta, but after a fall in the Himalayas, he is concerned stdikas his leadership abilities. Get ready for the ultimate battle of man versus machine. Now Shakes must conquer Bo’s incredible home training course to discover the big man’s whereabouts!

The plot thickens when Blok receives a similar device As the training gets weirder and weirder, Shakes starts to suspect that things are not what they seem! Shakes discovered Dooma’s secret.

supa strikas comic

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Klaus, who is call ‘Von Spectre’has asked the 3 guys and the butler but no evidence comiic up. But Super Fran didn’t known this kid is really Invincible United’s fan and Skaara, Dingaan is behind to sign him for retrieval uncharacteristic for the disnominace plan with Vince.

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Klaus thinks that he traveled through time after seeing El Matador and his “future” selves. Retrieved from ” https: Their team captain is Skarra. Shakes got attacked by a psychiatrist, who had helped Dooma with his previous game. The Blok, Sttikas Strikas defender, speaks only his native Brislovian.

Supa Strikas

Their coach, Professor Black, is crazy about space observation and exploration. The team representing Romania Their coach is Coach Belmont. Supa Strikas comic book cover.


supa strikas comic

Their former lead striker’s and star players were the ‘Amal 3. The team is also known for often tricking people into unfair games and competition, though not common. But hopes are dashed when he is banished from the country!

This team has been mentioned only one, during the match against Azul in ‘Communication Blok’. But Invincible United’s Vince is up to his usual tricks.

Supa Strikas take enroute for match with Grimm FC. Invincible United’s captain Dooma devises a plan to deport Supa Strikas off the island. Views Read View source View history. Would he with Supa Strikas coach have any plan to pay back this Brazilian team?