Please check if your model is compatible with Japanese version games. Anise will try but fail to control it. If he managed to close in, use your axe to push him back, then start shooting again. To break their weapon, defend. It’s completely 1 vs.

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You’ll chat, then Tier will come with you. There you can hit the teleporter summon night craft sword monogatari hajimari no ishi you, then go to the ruins’ entrance and talk to the woman there to buy a Bandana and a Proof of Expertise for b. After that, you’ll meet up with the Village Chief and Murno. Approach to isshi one of them. Niight will give you a Spear Soapstone and if you forge a spear with it along with an Iron Ore, give the spear to him to get a Blue Ore.

Outside, you’ll chat with Zakk about Lemmy, then you regain control. Your dragon, the Aqua Dragon, have a special attack and a normal attack. Tram will give you a Aqua Dragon Scale so you can pass through without being attacked. Talk to the merchant next to you to trade a Black Ore for a Red Gem. Go down the ladder to the left and drill those rocks.


His spear is made of Jshi Ore, so break it. This goes for all the buttons up, down, left, right Hit the button pointing right, and then go up to find another set of buttons. Go down and follow a partially obscured path.

You’ll end up able to grab a Rust Bomb. Hammers activate the teleporters purple circle ; swords cut down tall grass; axes break stumps; spears get you fruits on the trees; knuckles move boulders; drills break rocks; and bows you use to shoot targets.

Summon Night Craft Sword Monogatari: Hajimari no Ishi (Video Game) – TV Tropes

There, ignore the pad and go south to another screen. It’s just like poison, but this damages your DUR. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Continue to go right.

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Right below you are a few stumps you can break with your axe. It’s a spell, so if this happens, dash away. What do you need help on?

You’ll find Murno, and later the Ruins Village Chief. Pike ill come along and then go to beat those stray summons. Just bait and block to get him close, then combo him. To beat this thing, use your GB’s new, powered up magic to continuously damage it.


The spells and items must first be equipped on your GB to be used in battle. Walk down to find the trio, Lemmy, nibht Murno. Now go southwest to another screen with a mine guarded by a villager and then down to another screen.

The body whip monogagari the most common. So xraft pick again but if you pick the 1st option, you’ll fight your GB illusion. Both of these are not exactly easy to dodge because they keep summon night craft sword monogatari hajimari no ishi and then suddenly reappear. Slide into the ice a little left of that pond to momogatari to a patch of dry land.

Summon Night Craft Sword Monogatari: Hajimari No Ishi (Video Game ) – IMDb

Now you can use this teleporter to reach the one south of your hometown. Go to the bottom tile and slide back right.

Heal, switch, Astral Guard and you’ll be fine.