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subdreamer cms

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Originally Posted by jacklad. I would extend any old licenses for those that want to take a look at our latest version and can test XenForo integration when ready.

subdreamer cms

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Our forum integration specific features are listed on our website.

I know a few web designers who live and die by sub dreamers. And years later – it still is just that. We’re aiming to completely rebuild with SD4 using a new framework and solidifying features and providing add-on options that are in demand.

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This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Series Notable Authors New Articles. Yes, it’s a nice cms for little websites.

The main advantage is a reliable single login for both forum and content management system. Free CMS that does x more vs. I’ve used Subdreamer since and absolutely adore it. Subdreamer is eating burned rubber at the moment, the open source options are so much more attractive Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: What features do subdgeamer want to see subvreamer Subdreamer?


If you would like a menu on the left side of your website, you could either download another skin that has that, or you could create your own skin, which is pretty easy if you have basic HTML knowledge, and just a tiny bit of PHP knowledge.

I have built quite a few websites for clients using Subdreamer and with each one of these projects I find new areas and new features that users would love to see and that would make Subdreamer even better.

subdreamer cms

If you add text to the description field, a “Read more I think your mail must have been stopped by a spam filter or something, we haven’t received it. Today we would like to announce that Subdreamer is officially under new ownership. We are a long way from competing cmss the big boys but we’re steadily improving.

It has been nothing but a good experience so far and once the subdreamer development community grows it will be xubdreamer

Subdreamer: new owner. (Opportunity to have a good CMS) | The Admin Zone

I may also be inclined to give away a few free licenses for any veteran webmasters that want to test Xenforo integration and provide general product feedback. You must log in or register to reply here.


Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. Remember the blog I posted over on www. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you subsreamer in if you register.

I communicate subderamer thoughts and critique with Subdreamer and respect their chosen directions. Just to let you know that the subdreamer community is a mine field. Administrators will receive emails when new links are submitted. It is no different then walking into someones storefront and yelling and ranting about your displeasures in front of customers.

Subdreamer CMS

Subdreamer CMS – Forum integration, rebrandable, easy to use! It needs a rigorous overhaul.

I have a subdreamer account and 3 xenforo licenses, so that’s not a problem. It is a commerical product and there is no justification for making guesses, assumptions, accusations or telling them what their future direction should be in their public forum unless it is in an appropriate and respectful manner.

I’m glad you like my design, basic is actually exactly what I was looking for.