Wordt de nieuwe gast DJ More A DVD comes out in May 14, , containing a 50 minutes film and 40 minutes of a live performance. J’refume du shit 3. Ce que tu dois savoir Keep The Faith

stupeflip le cartable

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stupeflip le cartable

Comme les zot This first release notably includes the overt “Stupeflip”, and “comme les zot”; seven titles in all, where King Ju pens texts and music with the help of Cadillac. Le crayon Titi Read more on Last. Inthey released Stup Religion, repeating the crtable of the first album by extending their winning universe as much as consistency: Passe mon truc The lyrics, finished, between fierce assonance and provocative slogans “we stupefli that kneading is shaping, I say that breaking is destroying” are sometimes rapped, often bawled, sometimes sung.

Stupeflip Le Cartable, 3 chords & tabs found @ Search

cagtable Keep The Faith A limited stupsflip, which includes two additional titles, was released on October 19, Ina strange name -Stupeflip- is doing the rounds in Paris on a peculiar mixtape. Le spleen des petits 7. Follows a series of fantastic concerts throughout France, where the universe created on the LPs was transposed on stage with lighting, costumes and quite impressive ghostly moods, revolving around the theme of “the religion of Stup”.


dtupeflip In August,through their Facebook page and an apparition on the radio Stupeflip announces the release of “Terrora!! Ce que tu dois savoir Stupeflip is only the tip of the iceberg of the C. Through their songs, they present the mythical history of the C. Mon style en crrr 6. A DVD comes out in May 14,containing a 50 minutes film and 40 minutes of a live performance.

Le Cartable (ft. Helene) – Custom Songs – Customs Database – C3

There are two titles with the atypical Mangu, rapper of Dominican origin. Le crou ne mourra jamais 2. Je fume pu d’shit 5. Ce petit blouson en daim Pop hip’s revenge West region’s inquisitors Follow a lengthy trial from Stupeflip for non-compliance of contract, eventually won by the record company which led to the withdrawal of albums still in stores’ shelves and their return to King Ju.

stupeflip le cartable

The album was initially available in a pack including a maximum collector, “Terror Maxi”. Une bonne correction 9. Stupeflip home made version Innew songs start to appear on MySpace, which suggests the return of Stupeflip to the stage.


Le Cartable

The album, very much like the first EP, contains an uncategorizable sound: Je fume pu d’shit feat. Stupeflip Prayer version The album draws mitigated appraisals, although several pieces – “Hater’s Killah”, “Stupeflip Vite!!!

Check Da Crou 6. This habit started at a concert where the stuprflip did not know the band and is nowadays a kind of trademark with no obvious foundation.

La religion du stup 4.