Ah tout le monde te croyait disparue, mais tu es revenue. I might have an answer to your question mark 5. Publier les commentaires Atom. I also liked the idea of him chipping in some portuguese And Nha comes from Senhora, which means mrs. Stromae, a big fan of the singer, wanted to ask her for a collaboration but never had enough courage to do so

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In the s, she started singing on Portuguese cruise ships stopping at Mindelo as well as on the local radio. Login Registration Sign In. Then the verb “embrigader” to enlist, to recruit would have been chosen for its oral resemblance with “obrigado”. This avve to Cesaria Evora’s dedication to the environment. If he writes a christain song, it would get played in clubs and parties. We can use long or miss but these vesaria are not strong enough to capture the actual meaning of ” Saudade “.

Despite the fact that one eye didn’t look in the same direction as the other It was said that she found it difficult being at star in stromae ave cesaria begining because a lot of people thought she was ugly. I might have an answer to your question stromae ave cesaria 5. Note that no csaria in English can actually perfctly translate ” Saudade ” a portuguese word which expresses what you feel when you miss someone or somewhere.


Ave Cesaria (English translation)

So this probably means that she enlisted millions of listeners, “soldiers”, to fight for this cause. Sadly they no longer shake as much as they used to since I started eating salad day and night. This would be my story: On the 8th of Mayshe suffered a heart attack aave a series of concerts. She was born into a poor family with five other children. What do you think?

I stromae ave cesaria recently discovered Stromae and been into his music a lot, of course inclding Ave Cesaria: That sincerity is overwhelming and the words must have come from a heavenly inspiration As your eye was saying shit to the other 4especially to me. She was nicknamed “la Diva aux pieds nus” in English: Login or register to post comments.

All the same, enjoy! Dive into the Stromae ave cesaria Asian philosophy through Indian classical music. The History of Popular Music Listen to gems from the s, s, and more. In she contributed to an environmental benefit project, stromae ave cesaria album “Gaia”. I think your suggested translation “you make me dance from your fingertips” is quite correct. But I suggest it without any kind of authority. Saudade or Sodade is indeed difficult to translate with a word to word maneuver.


When you listen to the music it sounds like someone snaps his fingers. I am also new at discovering Stromae’s work and am so glad I came over this piece while searching some stuff on Stromae.

Stromae – Ave Cesaria lyrics + English translation

Please help to translate “Ave Cesaria”. The History of Popular Music. This probably explains the verse in Stroame’s tribute:. Barefoot Diva because she performed without shoes, She is also known as “Queen of Morna”. It’s just a modest intuition.