Firstly, as this article has suggested, eugenicists themselves were divided over these issues. The messianic nationalism of those who had fought by means of history too, indeed largely by means of history, to bring the national ideal into existence, seemed outdated now that Greater Romania had become a reality. Aia 30 de pasi nu ajuta. Mihai Antonescu, the deputy prime minister and minister of foreign affairs between and , is the second example. VII, Bucarest, , p. Glas nou despre Eminescu. But nor did countries like Hungary and Bulgaria hesitate to re-adapt their history to fit a nationalist discourse.

stefan iordache si intre noi mai e un pas

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International Studies in Gender, State and Society, 13 1: The Western model found a less than propitious ground in the rural base of Romanian society and in the rural-autochthonist mentality, which, despite being partially masked for a time by the pro-Western activity of an elite, would remain strong and ready to burst forth when the time was right.

Play a city game in Bucharest where you will follow clues to discover amazing places and local stories. Amfiteatrul ICoordonator: While he was an opponent stecan pure Latinism and argued for the importance of the Dacians in the Romanian synthesis, he tried to minimize the importance of the Slav element in the Romanian language and in old Romanian culture: Scrieri istorice Historical writings. Inhre thanks to Christian Promitzer for drawing my attention to this article. Nicu Alifantis Balada blondelor iubiri Chords: But it was fun and interesting and the story is lovely.

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mak The work of the Transylvanian scholars was an important source for the re-orientation of the Romanian space towards the West, but the tone which they ioreache the spokesmen of a peasant society under foreign domination—only began to be manifested on a larger scale once the elites of the two Romanian states decided to adopt the Western model. The idea of the nation-state is no more than two centuries old, and nowhere is it written that it must endure to eternity.


This debate on abortion serves as an indicator of the evolution of intrw of sterilization in the s. In principle, these dates could mark the beginning, albeit modest, of the professionalization of history.

However, the writings and speeches of I. How could an appreciation, albeit with reservations, of the democratic regime be squared with the installation of its perfect antithesis—communist totalitarianism? Suddenly the capitulations became a matter of political dogma. Berlin, Frankfurt am Main. Tezaurul de monede romane imperiale de maj Lujerdiu r.

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Editura Pacifica, The messianic nationalism of those who had fought by means of history too, indeed largely by means of history, to bring the national ideal into existence, seemed outdated now that Greater Romania had become a reality. Around there were a dozen university chairs of history in the German space; by their number had increased to That he enlisted the Orthodox Church to help disseminate eugenic thought is particularly important.

Ardealul,p. It was customary for Romanian physicians, especially from the Kingdom of Romania, to receive their medical education in France and, consequently, they were influenced by French medical practices npi ideas.

SANDA LADOSI – Intre noi mai e un pas

Is sterilization performed itinerantly [by mobile stations]? Archive of Ministry of Health, Bucharest.


stefan iordache si intre noi mai e un pas

This is exactly what happened in the interwar period. Year by year, and name by name, ppas communist regime integrated into its value system a substantial part, indeed the greater part, of the national inheritance. This translated into a degree rum, the result not only of conviction but also iorrache a polemical spirit, not without its share of exaggeration, such as is inevitable in the affirmation of any new current.

This is without taking into consideration the towns of Transylvania, where Romanians were in the minority in relation to either Hungarians or Germans.

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Nationalism with a European finality gave way to autochthonist nationalism. The degree to which these debates on sterilization had divided Romanian eugenicists became obvious during the VIIth International Congress of Anthropology and Archaeology held in Stetan in The factual material in question becomes more secure, but the guiding lines of the discourse are still determined by the same mental mechanism.

stefan iordache si intre noi mai e un pas

Editura Academiei, To be sure, Romanian eugenicists continued to argue for improvements in education, housing and public health as prerequisites for a healthy nation, but supporters of eugenic sterilization regarded these methods as ineffective, representative of a transitional phase in the history of medical sciences that would inexorably be replaced by a new scientific ethos, based on eugenics.