Everything is right at my command with a move of the mouse to any of the three sides. Like I mentioned before, there are loads of icons available — some which come in a pack and others are individual — the choice is yours. Just a quick correction note. Then right click on the icon and select Icon Settings. Now depending on what version you are using, the window will look different. The more organized you are, the more useful this method will be. Also, the grid expanded beyond the monitor so not all the files were visible.

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To my knowledge, RocketDock is the only place to acquire the first version. It’s just what it says: Creating Order From Chaos: No dock aside than Rocket Dock works so nicely with stacks.

There may be some of you who prefer the first version over the second, since it is said to be more stable. Version two via the official website includes both methods. There are five main sections in the Dock Settings window: I’ve used Rocket dock for a few years now and wonder how I did without it.


Does anyone know of a stack docklet that will The more organized you are, the more useful this method will be. Similar help and support threads. I use RocketdockI stack docklet for rocketdock windows 7 like the way that Stacks Docklet makes the flyout menu lean to the right.

Stacks Docklet can be found on the RocketDock websitewhich contains multiple versions and downloads, or you can get it from the official websitewhich has only version two. I use object dock on the bottom for various antivirus,tuneup,clock,advanced uninstall etc.

I’m still waiting for the integration to be a true success. The Best Windows Software. There are a lot of features though that I like to add and remove to improve it. It also reduces bandwidth usage and The only thing I can’t figure out with RocketDock is it disappears under the task bar and when I want to use it I have to keep swiping it until it comes to the front.

How to Use the Stacks Docklet addon for RocketDock « Software Tips :: WonderHowTo

RocketDock comes with a variety of skins, and perhaps one of them will appeal to you. Xtack and Stacks Docklet Hello everyone, I’m having a problem with stacks docklet shortcuts not opening.

The manual installation is a bit more complicated. Contact Us Legal Privacy and cookies. Is there anyway to get it rockeetdock be vertical instead? To select the folder and the thumbnail you need to customize the icon settings.


Thank you so much for a clear guide to RocketDock.

I have heard of ModernMix. Stay informed by joining our newsletter! That brings me to one last point — organize. In our tests, the dock seemed to briefly freeze when using a folder with more rockstdock three hundred files with the automatic grid view.

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I mentioned this source stak the ObjectDock article ObjectDock: Thank you for this Aaron, been using Rocketdock for years, and never knew about Stacks Docklet The response time depends on the computer configuration since the docklet animation occupies a lot of CPU time. Everything is right at my command with a move of the mouse to any of the three sides. Oh yeah also when I re add them rocketdock just locks up.