Flexural reinforcement requirements a. Factored moments in slab-beam strip a. The reported values are presented using span-by-span segmental approach. Evaluate the average effective depth Figure 2: Depending on the report options selected, the text output will contain a selection of the following sections see the illustrated examples in the following chapter: Determination of factored loads Interior Column:


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Determine flexural reinforcement required for strip moments The flexural reinforcement calculation for the column strip of end span — exterior negative epslab is provided below.

spSlab (free version) download for PC

A brief explanation is given to help familiarize you with them. The reinforcement schedule is intended as a guide for bar placement. The second table lists two sets of punching shear calculations — direct shear alone and direct wpslab with moment transfer. Factored moments in slab-beam strip In this example, interior equivalent frame strip was selected where it only have exterior and interior supports no corner supports are included in this strip.

Evaluate the average effective depth: It summarizes the contents of the dialog window Span Loads. Spxlab that the reinforcement estimate is for one direction only and ignores items such as hooks, bends, and waste.

spSlab Screenshots

Detailed information on using the graphical output features is included in chapter “Operating the Program”. Double-click on means to position the cursor on top of a designated item or location and press and release the left-mouse button twice in quick succession.



Also, reactions of additional translational and rotational springs applied at joints are reported in this block.

For a detailed discussion, see Chapter 2, “Integrity Reinforcement”. Positive moment in span Bottom bar development lengths are tabulated directly below splab bottom bar details block.

Also, the minimum length of the critical shear section and, for the edition, the angle at which the minimum length is obtained are listed. This block does not include reinforcement quantities necessary to transfer unbalanced moments at supports.

The ratio of flexural stiffness of beam section to flexural stiffness of slab is listed as well as the area of reinforcement and the distance over which the reinforcement is required. The reported values for each load combination are presented using span-by-span segmental approach. The output contains column axial forces and moments due to all load cases, including all live load patterns, and all load combinations.

In addition to the required area of reinforcing steel at the critical sections, spSlab provides a complete bar schedule that includes number of bars and bar sizes and lengths. As you drag the mouse, a rectangle known as a marquee follows the cursor.

If dimensions of a drop panel are invalid it will be marked. To purchase StructurePoint software please visit StructurePoint. This block lists the approximate total and unit quantities of concrete, and reinforcement.


The method is based on several assumptions and the operator has a great deal of decisions to make while setting up the model and applying loads and boundary conditions.


All software and resources in the CESDb. The following paragraphs describe the blocks included in the section. It lists the shear transferred dpslab the column and the minimum area of bottom reinforcement crossing one face of the periphery of a column and connecting slab to the column to provide structural integrity.

The assumptions will be verified once the area of steel in finalized.

Depending on the report options selected, the text output will ssplab a selection of the following sections see the illustrated examples in the following chapter:. For a detailed discussion, see Chapter 2, “Slab Corners”.

These calculations are spxlab below. The block contains a span-by-span listing of the longitudinal bars selected in column, middle and beam strips. For this flat plate slab systems the minimum slab thicknesses per ACI are: