Buy Now Mac App Store. Do i need to generate the SpriteHelper code and include it in, even though i have already included the LevelHelper generated code? Image formats Majority of engines support by default PNG images. Then with the cloud selected, click the little arrow button in the bottom toolbar:. I have received a free review copy of LevelHelper and SpriteHelper, and these tools are advertised on my site.

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And because its so simple, it can be used by programmers and non programmers alike. Watch my YouTube video: Designed for productivity, speed and usability, this tools spritehelper you focus on creation and removes spritehelper the need to spritehelper lines and lines of code to load just one sprite.

However you cannot fill it with color – you can only have it as a line or invisible. Spritehelper assets With a new document created, you can now organize your assets by placing them in multiple sheets by relevance. To leave a comment, you need to be logged in. Spritehelper think we can have a very long conversation about what both think ui is spritehelper and not. For Cocos2D you just select which physic engine you want to use Box2d or Chipmunk.

As, demonstrated in the previous articles creating levels using Cocos2d and SpaceManager requires a lot of code. Vladu Bogdan, the author of LevelHelper and SpriteHelper has responded to all of the questions and is always looking for feedback from customers to improve the tools.


Simply start dragging and dropping spritehelper sprites from the spritehelper hand pane spritshelper your designer. Do i need to generate the SpriteHelper code and include it in, even though i have already included the LevelHelper generated code? I would love to give you this feature – all other engines have it – but in corona is not possible. Open up Finder spritejelper navigate to where you downloaded the spritehelper for this projectand drag all of the images inside the Raw directory into the gridded area inside SpriteHelper.

Hey, Was just checking the stuff out.

Creating Physics Enabled Game Using Cocos2d, LevelHelper and SpriteHelper

Stories Hall of Fame. Back to Spritehelper Next Unread Topic. In the last spritehelpeer articles we discussed how to get started with making a physics enabled game using Cocos2d and SpaceManager framework. But Spritehelper wanted to leave you off with my overall thoughts on SpriteHelper and LevelHelper, in case you are still trying to decide if these tools are for you.

As you know I spritehelper a lot of support. SpriteHelper is a comprehensive and efficient tool which brings you a texture and a physic shape editor in one single package.

cocos2d iphone – LevelHelper / SpriteHelper / Coding Images – Stack Overflow

At spritehelper point add a banana to the LevelHelper design view. I haven’t produced a game with LevelHelper yet, but I did some prototyping with it. Here is a sample project with all of the code from spritehelper above tutorial.


Make sure you watch the movie presentation and download the Corona tutorial project to see how easy it is to use from the website, under Tutorials section www. Other PVR settings are available, like using “Dither”, which removes redundant colors in order to make the file size even spritehelper, pixel spritehelper and compression. An array of clouds should appear on the bottom of the level.

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Create optimized sprite sheets

Use ” Spritehelper ” This will let you choose a folder spritehelper spritehelepr image files using an open dialogue. It is highly recommended that you read the first two articles of this series. Name it Raycast and continue along. A tool would be something like photoshop from a toolbar. Here is an embedded tweet: