How to clear temporary Internet Files? I don’t know if the program will work on Windows Millennium or earlier. The first problem, right out of the gate was I made three coasters before I could get the supplied burning program to make a proper disk. I cannot access the BIOS bootup setup as it seems to have been hardwired or is password protected so I cannot even install a new version of windows xp or use a recovery disk Its so easy to use even my grandmother can do it.

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Spotmau Clone Genius Backup entire zpotmau including Windows, files, personal settings! I sent 2 emails to Spotmau help desk and customer support both advised me to phone customer service. Spotmau PowerSuite comes with spotmau powersuite 2008 the necessary tools to analyze and fix any problem you may have with your computer. Partition Genius provide 3 function piwersuite There is no need to get anything from this company, they might make good useful software, but I’ll never want to find out since their information and support are the worst I have ever seen.

Spotmau Power Suite …. opinions?

Spotmau Partition Genius Create, delete and format partitions on your hard disk! I just bought the Spotmau Spotmau powersuite 2008 version.


I believe this is a rather fair review and I would like to recommend it to all: I use so many different programs, for registry cleaner, defrag, etc, would love to find software that has all powersuitw features in one place.

Just a bunch of rip off artists. I followed this link and apparently I will be able to post a comment as John Woods! Not sure I know enough to make a good decision, but you apparently seem to be versed in that area. It is part of the Iolo software. Individual tools that as good as those from Norton Ghost or Acronis Disk Spotmau powersuite 2008 Suite that if sold separately could cost you hundreds of dollars. I had the same problem with Windows 7. I can only start in safe mode. Click on a link that applies to you How to find lost Office Key?

Strange, in my opinion all of their advertising are just and fair. Proffitt Forum moderator January 25, 6: And we will do our best to spotmau powersuite 2008 you. I went there as you selected and have spent considerable time reviewing the several free programs available.

Recover your damaged Windows when the system crashes, or recover registry when the registry crashes, or recover partition when the partition crashes.

I agree with the former post. Proffitt Forum moderator June 23, 5: I wrote to spotmsu on two occasions enquiring as to why my partitions would not spotmau powersuite 2008. I recovered the files and saved them to another hard drive but none of them will open. You are posting a reply to: I should have seen xpotmau it looks too good to be true, it probably is!


I would just like some program that does it all.

Spotmau Power Suite opinions? – Forums – CNET

What do you expect? I booted Spotmau and it recognized four hard drives the right count but reported that the fouth disk second USB had partition table errors. This was helpful 2.

Partition Genius a powerful partition management tool. My task bar has too many icons running, some are necessary, and yes was told to go to msconfig, sorry I wrote it down could be wrong here, anyhow to get rid of many of the icons running.

If so, I have looked into it, and it sounds good, but spotmau powersuite 2008 at the stage to purchase yet, thanks sweetie, Helene. I paid for the whole thing including the CD.