Hover your cursor over any control or area to see extensive context-sensitive help and tips. Right-click a stopwatch to clear keyframing. Use this to quickly and easily make hundreds of new effect variations. To access it, click the? Take a look — it is very visual and helpful!

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Click here for details. Choosing a “spice” file is a key step to applying SpiceMaster.

Pixelan SpiceMaster Pro (x64) | Board4All

SpiceMaster has lots of ready-made effects you can apply instantly. Hover your cursor over any control or area to see extensive context-sensitive help and tips. Click here for details. Or hover your cursor over any control to see extensive context-sensitive help and tips.

Use them for unique video transition geometries and for unique ways to animate your other video effects within a single clip. To scrub to a particular frame, drag the long slider that is under the preview.


Click here to be email-notified. Even novices can apply powerful custom transitions and effects within minutes of their first SpiceMaster use. ALL video transitions in SpiceMaster are completely customizable for position, direction, speed, softness, etc.

See our other plugins, too!

Pixelan Spice Master 2.5 Pro For Adobe Premiere 6.5 Free Download By Zia Premiere Expert

To exit without changes, click the X in the top right corner. Sorry, we have no Mac versions adob, but may soon! Click here to be email-notified. Or Alt-click for a standard Open dialog.

SpiceMaster Transitions Plugin New Features | Adobe Premiere Pro/Elements | Pixelan

Take a look — it is very visual and ;remiere Click the Click here to load a preset Click here to BUY. For detailed help per control, see below on this web page.

SpiceMaster Saved Settings and Presets.

Then right-click the purple envelope line as needed. Use these standard playback buttons to preview your effect. In the purchased version, you can also modify any saved setting to spucemaster your own, or create new saved settings from scratch. Or with a few clicks, easily combine presets into thousands of compelling new video transitions or effects! Click the Pixelan logo to access this info.


Pixelan SpiceMaster Pro 3.0 (x64)

Save and organize favorites, too! See below on this page for tutorial help about the Keyframes window. Each control is individually keyframable. SpiceMaster is much more than a video transitions plugin! Click here for details. A Load a Recent Effect. Easily explore hundreds of new effect variations! Click an FX folder icon to instantly change only the controls in that section via handy presets we have developed. To create a new effect or to modify a preset Click the minus sign to clear current settings.