Ascent Vario flight logger uses BoostC Compiler. This is a new feature and bug fix release. Debugger step into which reported that source code could not be found when stepping into library code, and did not step as expected. A highly recommend update for all users. Added error report if template arguments parsing error. Fixed bug when code that assigns a struct to struct when one or both of them are members of another struct used wrong offset. Fixed various errors in Chameleon compiler related to floating point processing.

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To remove limitations and to be able to use them in commercial projects relevant license must be obtained. And it is also the most reasonably priced as well. PIC and Ubicom Inc. Fixed bug when project did not remember changes in its file list.

Sourceboost ide click on sorceboost symbol inside the browse window to open or activate a file where this symbol is defined.

The Step Over commands executes the current instruction. By default a register value is displayed in black, but if it has changed since sourceboost ide last stop the value becomes blue.

Fixed generation of spurceboost call stack when function pointers are used. Changed asm code labels so that they start at 1 to make asm code more readable. Fixed problem with ‘extern’ variable declaration; A few other small fixes.


LST extensions are colored as assembly files. Accidently introduced in V6. Fixed bug – when size of typedefs of pointers was calculated incorrectly. At this point the current project should have been built and the target processor programmed.

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News February SourceBoost V7. Hopefully we will release the next BoostC version that support 32 bit math in couple of weeks: Integrated Development Environment IDE applications for use in tool chains, with compilers or for other applications.

Fixed bug – compiler incorrectly sourceboost ide variable not being sourceboost ide. Right after the patch that was made earlier today was released we discovered that sourcegoost bug that was supposed to be fixed was still there.

Rare corruption of internal list caused unexpect errors.

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These new targets have an enhanced PIC16 instruction set that reduces the code size sourceboost ide many operations regularly performed when high level programming language are used. Bug fix release the previous 5. Overoptimised substraction sourceboost ide wrong result when subtracting values of different types. Apdates ide architecture image. PIC18 data objects allowed to bank cross boundrys without producing an error. Assemble the current project using the external assembler.


The memory window functions only in debug mode and displays the register map of the current target. Compilation time can be reduced by using -O1. Updates SourceBoost and Plugins Package is regularly updated to support new targets and to fix any bugs or problem that may have been found.

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If a value was changed by the user its background becomes green. Fixed bug when compiler confused subwfb and subfwb. Ubicom and SX are registered trademarks of Ubicom Inc. Assuming it is installed in the default location, the command line options required for that assembler are: Sourceeboost for “Chameleon” compiler added sourceboost ide Mplab X. If you are interested in contributing to the SourceBoost project then look here.

This sourceboost ide display the Customize Workspace dialog with a list of files, separated by commas, in the Output folder. Inaccurate delays xourceboost reported with warning messages.