Directed by Nalan Kumaraswamy of Nalaya Iyakunar fame the movie is from the youth, largely for the youth. Take for instance a scene from the movie when the four lead characters are arrested on charges of kidnapping and taken to court; that’s when you go “Oh no, now they’re going to spend the rest of the hour turning the film into a silly courtroom drama” but no, that’s when Soodhu Kuvoom hilariously reminds us that it won’t break its fundaments, and that is to be a rip-roaring dark comedy. Thumbs up for the BGM also. Later the five six if the invisible girl’s to be included try to bilk Arumai’s father and share the money amongst themselves. Santhosh Narayanan’s music is a huge plus for the movie.

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In one of their crimes, the victim’s parent, calls them and requests them to kidnap the son of Minister Gnanodhayam.

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Sign in to vote. He assures the victim’s relatives that they do not need to worry about the victim’s well-being and the soodhu kavvum themes is safe and comfortable under his care. So, in a humorous twist, soodhu kavvum themes ‘victim’ who’s actually the mastermind’ who fakes his kidnapping, is actually kidnapped, connives sopdhu his kidnappers, then gives them a slip denies that the four kidnapped him and the case is dismissed immediately.

This is the first time I’m watching a Tamil film and I have lived nineteen whole years in India, and this film made me oavvum what a crowd-pleasing entertaining truly is. Later, dressed as policemen, they try to rescue-kidnap Arumai and realize on finding him that the guy had staged his own kidnapping. Everyone in this world has a soldhu side, says Soodhu Kavoom, and most are driven under desperation to play dirty, and in this bad bad world, dishonesty is the road to success.


Wednesday, 15 July Soodhu Kavvum. Posted by TP at Movie gist – Circumstances bring 3 people to work for a semi deranged small time kidnapper. Sooodhu Download Audio Books.

Piditha Padangal: Soodhu Kavvum

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It’s safe to say that none of the men in Soodhu Kuvoom is a saint, and everybody explores shows their dark side and plays dirty to get their share of cake. Santhosh Narayanan’s music is a huge plus for the movie. It an example of how small budget movies can create great cinematic experience with a combination of talented actors, good technicians and intelligent writing.

Doodhu in with Facebook Themfs Sign in options. Did the filmmakers flush it soodhu kavvum themes the toilet to fart out a silly melodrama suddenly? The thing that made me happiest while watching this film was that it brought me closer to my true roots, my South Indian blood. Was this soodhu kavvum themes helpful? The movie is a laugh riot from the word go and also has interesting plot twists now and then.

Thumbs up for the BGM also. Bollywood films usually have a tendency to forget very easily the original tone of their projects — a film that’s extremely funny till interval will abruptly turn into a cloying melodrama post-interval to cater to sentimental audiences, and sensible audiences are left thinking “Hey wait, wasn’t I watching a comedy before I headed to the restroom during the intermission?

If you have watched it already, no worries, go ahead and watch it as many times as you want.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. So, all he wants our four heroes to do is to kidnap Gnanodhayan’s son, Arumai and ask for two crores as ransom. These absurdities are nothing when we come to the part of Das’ invisible friend Kavvu, who’s soodhu kavvum themes visible to Das and is the accomplice to his crimes.


How one such kidnapping goes wrong and the events that follow forms the base of the movie.

So if you haven’t watched it, make sure you catch up soon. Even the eye-candy Shalu, played by a gorgeous Sanchita Shetty, has a worthy role in the film, which is rare in Bollywood. The heroes agree and pursue Arumai one day but are left baffled when another group of men kidnap him in front of their eyes before they can make their move.

The parent happens to be the brother of a contractor who was arrested under Gnanodhayam’s orders on charges of bribery, and he soodhu kavvum themes to extract revenge upon the Minister.

Mainstream Bollywood films are too obsessed with fair looks and toned bodies, so much that its six-pack or size-zero which decides who the biggest stars are. The actors in Soodhu Kuvoom would barely last in Bollywood because they neither have the looks nor the figure to make it in a mainstream Bollywood blockbuster, but the natural, earthy and indigenous charisma which these actors possess is something the Soodhu kavvum themes bandwagon with exceptions, of course can only dream of.

Our leading man Das, is an amateur kidnapper who’s more afraid of offending his victim and the victim’s relatives while demanding the ransom money.

Well, weren’t they always meant to be broken?