The rest of the track is pretty epic, and few bands can incorporate the symphonic angle and sound this good in the mix Sonata Arctica spares nothing from the warchest to make their productions huge. I think there are a few things everyone should realize before listening to this album. While the sounds and styles the band tries its hand at are disparate and often maligned by metalheads, Sonata pulls them off with aplomb. Very rarely does it succeed in a metal band. Once again taking a back seat to Tony’s vocals.

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Jani’s departure has certainly been felt, and one can only assume it was for the better, once one listens to the guitar work presented on this album, always taking a backseat to the keyboards. The changes od mood, key and bar still occur like on Unia, but the speed has been turned up like on Silence. Close window Nuclear Blast News 5 Euro off! Flag In The Ground The sonata arctica the days of grays songs with solos would be: After confirming the registration, new subscribers receive a 5 Euro coupon for our shop.

Tony Kakko’s thw are clear and melodic with a little twinge of accent which actually adds to their value, but rarely are the lines catchy enough to stand out.

Sonata Arctica is a great band. With constant tempo and structure changes, the song itself feels like a rollercoaster ride.

Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. The drums aren’t doing anything special really, but it’s still great.

Sonata Arctica – The Days of Grays Review

It’s not even a remix, just a voice-over! Retrieved August 1, Sonata Arctica has some work to do, to touch up what they’ve done well here and send everything else back to the drawing board. Everything Fades To Gray, the opener, is really enjoyable instrumental piece, where keyboards and orchestrations play the main role. Another thing one would notice is the odd lack of solos in general. As long as they don’t try to do so much on one album and maybe fix the balance then it will be perfect.


Sonata arctica the days of grays would seem that the success of The Days of Grays comes from its inability to gauge whether its own music is good or not, as an author cannot gauge what degree of foreshadowing is best for the readers.

SONATA ARCTICA | The days of grays – Nuclear Blast

There are various elements contributing to this factor, such as the more frequent use of keyboards, which are always in there, backing up, whether it may be as some organ, strings, fanfares, the usual piano; it gives the album a dramatic feeling in almost every single song. I don’t understand why the hell was that grags. There are no tempo changes or any such thing, just enough variation, dats I said. They are all good tunes, but they could have all been from different albums.

The Days of Grays by SONATA ARCTICA – info and shop at Nuclear Blast – Nuclear Blast

Power metalsymphonic metalprogressive metal. You’re a Giant in My Eyes is pretty good as well reminding me a lot of Vays Last Amazing Grays, with smatterings of the rest of the album in it. What should we expect here? The artwork was done by Toxicangel, who already worked with bands such as Nightwish.

The Days of Grays

grats Just kidding, although the memorability of the title track may subliminally have something to do with the memorability of the song. While whether one going commercial is a bad thing or not can be relative, the slowed down, arcgica and meandering mess that permeated each directionless song gave new meaning to the concept of crash and burn.


And, of course, this is Sonata Arcticathese guys are real pros and every track on here is perfectly performed, produced and constructed. So let’s start this off with the obvious choice: Taking the album in for what it is, Days of Grays has a lot of its own arctcia that has scarcely been seen in other albums, sonata arctica the days of grays the chugging guitars in “The Last Amazing Grays”, “The Dead Skin”, and “Juliet” that you’d hardly ever find in the line of power metal, not that the genre does not incorporate chugging guitars, but the tone and pattern are darker on this album.

These two are my favorite tracks off this album.

That is not the valid reason to label them dasy “power progressive symphonic metal”, but just – progressive metal. Sonata Arctica has gone prog. The tracks in the first half are fun listening to, but only individually. To cut a long review short, with the exception of Flag In The Ground, there is nothing on this album to quench the power metal thirst of fans of Sonata Arctica of old, and even arcttica specific song doesn’t truly do the trick.