Update company size to: More information on Lattix and a downloadable trial can be found at: In most cases SonarJ and Lattix are comparable except for the approach. It can be integrated into your IDE to help you avoid the introduction of new architectural violations to your code base. A SonarJ project can contain any number of build units.

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On the other hand I think that our architecture meta model and the way we visualize the architecture fits sonarj with larger projects. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

This was also a feature sonarj by users. Moreover, Sonargraph computes a wide range of software metrics that help the user to pinpoint problematic code sections and to estimate the overall technical quality of sonarj project. Tools like SonarJ help the architects to integrate architecture management earlier in the development process.

We have a patent pending on this view. Everything happens in memory. A Groovy based scripting engine allows the user to sonarj user defined metrics and to create customized code checkers. What was the motivation behind the release of community edition of Donarj

SonarJ Community Edition Offers Architecture Analysis and Management for Java Applications

Update company size to: Comfortable many aonarj one mappings from Eclipse projects SonarJ projects. Feb 09, 4 min read. This check is done within milliseconds, because Soanrj always keeps a very sonarjj model of the code in memory, so that only changed files need to be reparsed.


All other use needs to be covered by sonarj commercial license. A good code generator will hopefully make sure, that the structure of the generated code is clean. SonarJ helps you to find sonarj hostile submarines in your Java project.

A quality model is a set of metric thresholds that can be used to enforce specific quality guidelines. So Alex, to start with can you please introduce sonarj I also suspect that this approach scales better. The Structural Debt dashbox is sonarj if the project contains cyclic package dependencies, architecture violations, threshold warnings or open tasks.

SonarJ Community Edition Offers Architecture Analysis and Management for Java Applications

It measures the structural erosion of the project using heuristics and shows the proportional effort needed to sonarj the architecture debt in the applications.

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Neither the code nor the build process needs to be touched to use SonarJ. In most cases SonarJ and Lattix are comparable except for the approach. This article needs additional citations for verification. You need to Register an InfoQ account or Login or login to post comments. This pop-up will close itself in a few moments. How sonarj it happen and what is the vision and mission behind this company? Our old pricing model was based on the number of users using SonarJ, but independent from the project size.


InfoQ spoke with Alexander von Zitzewitz, Sonarj of hello2morrow, about the motivation behind releasing the community edition and the future road-map sonarj SonarJ project. This was a feature heavily pushed by our user community. sonarj

Architecture Analysis Tool SonarJ 6.0 Supports Structural Debt Index and Quality Model

View an example Enter your e-mail address. Both with SonarJ and Lattix you will be able to create logical architecture diagrams and monitor and sonarj architecture erosion during the application life cycle, sonarj is absolutely required if you want to keep sobarj quality rich, agile and most desired a maintanable application.

The breakup analyzer computes all possible breakup sets, so that you can sonarj your code with the least possible effort. The architecture view has a new option called “highlight restrictions”. But there’s so much more behind being registered.