I may pick this game up eventually. From around the web. Now you have to play in dedicated rooms so the creativity of the community has been wasted. You’ll be dealing with the Russian Spetsnaz in these new areas, soldier — so we’re also going to give you some new weapons, ordinance and the option to choose primary and secondary specializations with unlockable equipment unique to the specific skill set you choose. This “joke” of a game is kicking the ass out of most online communities on the PSN TheOwnerOner I dont think so. I’ve already started to see the Socom numbers rising this week compared to last

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Because it got rated poorly or because it’s actually a balanced game that requires skill and intelligence? Leo-Magic Follow Forum Posts: Heck it was a blast socom confrontation cold front learning how to defend against glitchers was just as much part of the gameplay of the orginal Socoms, as using the R1 to fire your weapon. That being said, I probably will be picking this game up tomorrow. Revolution Follow Forum Posts: Forsaken’ purchases now include earlier add-ons. This topic is locked from further discussion.

Cold Front DLC sweeps across SOCOM: Confrontation

Revolution Some collision detection issues with railings, hit detection issues especially at distancegun damage needs a bit more tweaking, get rid of the invisible and mute grenades that show up a lot of the time. Bring back the main forum list. I mean are all the issues resovled? I know it was something with king.


This “joke” of a game is kicking the ass out of most online communities on the PSN Thanks for the news, W1ngman! I may pick this game up eventually.

Cold Front DLC sweeps across SOCOM: Confrontation

Also, why is Night Stalker during the day time The game now runs smoothly only with some occasional probs, but i rarely encounter such probs. I may just pop this bad boy in and get that nice low price, but I am tempted to wait and see what others think, since my game plate is so stuffed with games too!

Leo-Magic Do you have the game or you are one of those many out there who just took notice of the average reviews the game got at launch due to server probs??? Well it happened in S1 also lol, but yea I loved it aswell, but it just gets old hearing people complain about this game when in fact it hasn’t had nearly the amount of socom confrontation cold front issues that the orginals had.

True, but nothing this gen has been able to replace Socom Confrontation socom confrontation cold front it comes to tactical TPSs We’ll also be needing those of you brave enough to enlist to hit the books and gain intel on Arms Run, an all-new multiplayer mode where players must destroy or activate a socom confrontation cold front of dynamically placed missile silos.

Fizzman Follow Forum Posts: I’ve already started to see the Socom numbers rising this week compared to last Well next time don’t think. Finally, the bad news: I already returned it, sorry. Not so sure about the original, because I do not own it but I wouldn’t be surprised if people still play it.


The information on when Operation: GreyFoXX4 Yea nothing like getting shot by ghosts, guys hidding in the walls, guys hiding in glitched boxes, lag that was just out of this world bad. Socom Confrontation – 13, KZ2 – The people have spoken! The first major ‘Battlefield V’ update arrives December 4th. No, I am not.

ThePRAssassin What exactly needs to be fixed? Go in the PS Store. Even with some of its flaws, the game is pretty good. It is the only game I ever placed expectations on, and to socom confrontation cold front things worse I had huge expectations for it kind of like what everyone does this gen, which is why everyone is disappointed with everything and since confronttion didn’t live up to it, I constantly bash it.

I have been giving it another go, it is a slight upgrade.