Smugglaz earned me calling him by name by announcing “triple time” and completely taking away from the peak moment of Abra’s performance, sealing round one for Not Loonie and Abra. The Abra originates in the southern section of Mount Data. Smugglaz Before the battles. In Colombia, Dos went straight to number one in the album charts in its debut week. This album is like a walk along all those genres I love, and all the songs have their own palate and color.

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Smugglaz Official Music Video.

The crowd ate it up like a baby playing with cheerios on the floor. English Words Heard In This Round Freestyle, V neck, “bad boy but a good girl”, “Shehyee sucks below the belt”, real suehyee, “family massacred in no particular order” that one was Loonie, as I remember.

The song is a tribute to her late father who was murdered.

FlipTop – Loonie/Abra vs Shehyee/Smugglaz @ Dos Por Dos Tournament – Youtube On Repeat

Anygma is such a boss in the Philippines that he can stand in front of a classic rap battle blocking part of the audience’s view and no one will give him shit for it. Badya by mobstaz smugglaz ft. The Abra originates in the southern section of Mount Data. Smugglaz – Blankong Papel.


FlipTop – Loonie vs Shehyee – Utra Video City look video with us

Shit starts getting physical, like Dose’s hat on Math physical. Abra – Gayuma Official Music Video ft. I deduced this by noting the use of a finger under the nose and also the fact that Smugglaz did a triple time, but honestly with the pace these people speak everything they say is double time already to my ears. Long Distance – Bruno Zhehyee. Abra Abra may refer to: The French terms were adopted in English via Anglo-Norman by Tournament medieval A tournamentor tourney from Old French torneiementtornei was a chivalrous competition or mock fight in the Middle Ages and Renaissance 12th to 16th centuries.

Maybe it was a well known number for a lawyer or something. Boys Like Girls – Thunder. I’m referencing the tool that didn’t leave the stage during the Arsonal battle, the highest viewed English battle in the world smugglaz shehyee vs loonie abra web. Reset – Charice Smugglsz With lyrics. Halo Halo Ang summer Saya. I think I’m going to learn how to smugglaz shehyee vs loonie abra the language and learn their history and culture just to come back to this battle ten years later and let my head explode like a grape.


Shehyee – Maria Clara lyrics flipmusic. I gave myself the luxury of exploring, because it was important not to repeat what I’d done. Weeks before the xhehyee of the album, Fanny stated that “We were looking for a fusion of sounds.

Mann – Buzzin Official Audio. I only wish English rap battles were so big, but sheyee would mean industry names being a LOT more synonymous with da kulcha. Justin Bieber – U Smile. Log in or sign up in seconds. Hilarious, insightul, legible, lultastic, not-copasetic. Harlem Shake – Girls Compilation. Next time, critical condition, “President of battle rap”, no excuses, wow, action star, social status, limited rice, limited fries, unlimited guys, bottomless coke, K.

DOS (disambiguation)

Jskillz VS Jawtee bobo part 1. Smugglaz Before the battles. Also at the end of every round and some of the things he says the crowd chants his name. Two Is Shrhyee Than One feat.