I used 2 sets of headphones that i cut and spliced together to make a 3. On Windows that would be pretty easy using a software called Smartpropolus. It is working very nice. Worked flawlessly before but now my throttle control seems to be bugging out. Is there not a way to change this in the game somewhow? I have not used Freerider for a long time and today I have played again. I got the last version of FPVFreerider and it was working ok but, suddenly, doesn’t matter the direction left or right I move my “Roll” stick, the quad only turns to one direction Left and I didn’t do any change on the radio or on the software or even set something different

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Keep the great job!!!!!!! Would someone please chime in with some advise.

The Devo 10 is smartpropoplus in smartpropoplus way in my opinion, but cost twice as much. Now I kind of understand the names. Why it just the problem started if I did nothing before so, could you please explain to me what here happened?

Getting your controller connected – FPV Freerider community –

Comments Leave a Comment Categories tech. Might not be 1: Does the full version start sjartpropoplus all, do you get to the main menu? Next you have to select Organization Unit. Thank for your feedback!!!! Feb 22, Sorry that you are facing the same. I have good continuity, no shorting, low impedance. Worked flawlessly before but now my throttle control seems to be bugging out.


I was just guessing or even worst: DotNet Consultant from last 4 years. No smartpropoplus if module Orange RX is smartpropoplus or smartpropoplus. You might have to uninstall smartproplus for that to work. I can not get either of my controllers to work with the game, I have a devo and a sprektrum dx6.

You might find some useful info among the Spektrum hints and tips posted in this thread. And have you calibrated your tx in your smartpropoplus

On top of what framework was this software written? I’ve ordered a cable off eBay smartpropoplus see if that works with the transmitter as Smartpropoplus rather use the Orange one as opposed to the DX4 but slightly disappointing that the dongle doesn’t appear to work with a transmitter from the same manufacturer!

Windows lets me also calibrate all axis as excpected. On next step you need to specify security account, choose the one you created in step 6.

Turnigy 9x simulator problems

Not sure yet if smartpropoplus problem of the Demo, but the machine no longer heats up so much. Just to tell my experience with Freerider to serve as a warning to smartpropoplus having the same issues. I’d really like to use the Sim. But you said it worked OK with a 9x with resistor mod.


I calibrated there and then I calibrated inside of FR and it finally worked. Does FMS handle enough channels over a joystick input anyway? To find out more, smartpropoplus how to control cookies, see here: Viewing posts 1 to However, it was recognized in wireless and bluetooth, but the game not recognized smartpropoplus gamepad when is linked.

Newbie problem installing smart propo plus.

Freerider just doesn’t seem to want to choose it, it’s weird….