I found it took up way too much of the book. And, maybe it is good for a bunch of whiny adolescents to read a book about the reality of things every once and a while. The way both point of views wove together was beautiful. I respect it for that. The Best Books of It’s tragic that such a terrible story is able to be so real, but it is. Sol is a boring character we are given little reason to like and much reason to dislike.

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She progressively gets worse throughout the book, both in illness and in personality. Her sister Holly is nothing like Giselle she is very healthy and athletic iib well but they both have one thing in skinny ibi kaslik The main character is Giselle she has to problems one is she is ekinny skinny ibi kaslik studier and to she is anerexic.

I really can’t say much on this read aside from the fact that I loved it, and I think girls should read it–guys too. Together, they can feel themselves slipping and are holding on for dear life. Why does this seem to be a bad thing now??? A nice little answer wrapped up in a black tulle bow. Anorexia was something I actually wished for as a teen but this book makes me glad for having a stronger inner voice that kept me from it. Sol had no clear motives for his erratic behavior other than vague motions towards his star journalist father and being cast beneath his great shadow.


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I recently read the kindle version of this book. One reason others should read Skinny is because they can understand the deeper things people have to skkinny with, even though it does not appear that way on the outside. Ibi Kaslik is zkinny internationally published novelist and freelance writer. The dual point of views added a better dimension but at A sad and haunting tale about anorexia.

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Boy am I glad I read this again. Readers may find the scene in which an emaciated Giselle escapes from the hospital to be highly unlikely, but, overall, Giselle’s battle with self-image is painfully realistic. It just does not work.

Moreover, her sister was equally as annoying and neither had any true characteristics other than obsessing over each other. Their views as sisters clash, and Giselle’s problem is one that she realizes isn’t her own as it affects her entire family.

Young adult book reviews — *Skinny* by Ibi Kaslik- Curled Up With A Good Kid’s Book

Sol is a boring character we are given little reason to like and much reason to dislike. She starves proudly, waits, like a saint, she waits for skinny ibi kaslik by fire or baptism. Nov 04, Jenny rated it liked it. Although the ending confused me a bit, overall I loved this book, and will definitely pick it up in the future. Now, let me say that hearing impairment and hearing aids are things that I take very seriously. The conflict and resolution is basically a descriptive story of of two sisters dealing with one of the sister’s struggle with anorexia.


Holly on the other hand pushes to keep up with her athletic activities in school. A good solid read by a Canadian author, but I failed to connect with bathe characters. While at the same time, Holly was trying to piece together her own existence. The chapters alternate between the voices of Giselle and Holly, skinny ibi kaslik the ability to see the events unfolding through the eyes of both sisters adds a depth and a poignancy that would not have been possible with a single narrator.

Afterward Giselles hair started to fall out because she was still not eating she wanted a cheesburger so she left the hospital without any of the nurses or her mom knowing. Clearly, there are many who won’t connect to this passage the way I did. They broke up and thats when she skinny ibi kaslik to starve herself again. Ships from and sold by Cool Friendly. There was always this sense of detachment between the characters and their story from the outside world.

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Because most of this book was about the 20 other angst-y problems that were added. If you love someone with akslik eating disorder, read this.