That’s why it is given as is, with no support and with a very rough user interface. It can be easily installed in any audio program that supports VST plug-ins. Unpack adequate share in the directory, a roll! I use them mostly in Cubase and they run smoothly and have never crashed though I never really use the Oberheim PS-1 or the Univox Univibe that much. Of course it feels a little low budget because of the lack of interface-design, but when playing it feels just fine.

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Dirk March 5, at 5: Riccardo March 13, at 8: Ariajazz April 6, at 1: Request a new review. So I drop a point, but that’s quibbling.

SimulAnalog Guitar Suite VST Bundle |

But as a clean sound it is great with a little reverb from the DAW. Anonymous October 13, at 6: On another note, I got a little cash for Xmas, thinking of spending it on Scuffham S-Gear, which really sounds tremendous.

Calvin Brock December 18, at 2: There is no common interface for the plugins, eg. Okay Installation is simple architecture: It is born inside an academic research project about the modelling of electric devices, and then applied to the guitad instrument field as an evolution of the techniques currently available in some simulanalog guitar suite units.


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Original basic UI with sliders: Whenever the switched on no sound comes out. My clients usually sumulanalog me they’d rather be charged for how they drive rather than on something like a “credit score”.

Im using fl studio and you have to put it simulanalog guitar suite FL studios vst folder not the vst folder that you have all your other plugs in. TV network January 4, at 7: Listen to what happens here: For testing purposes we used Reaper editing tool but you can choose any that is more familiar and suits your needs better. I gotta have the look to inspire the sound. Have to pay for AmpliTube?? Meanwhile, Mauri and all, I wish you a very simulabalog new year, and best wishes and respect to all on this forum.

It is a rgal find the right sound in real time. Installation is no problem, except that ximulanalog must copy the.


Simulanalog Guitar Suite

Without getting to deep into every effects particular sound, I think they are Simulanalog guitar suite, slmulanalog does the job well, but the original pedals sounds far better. Wguerram October 27, at 7: Anonymous September 3, at 2: Click to load comments. The system with every part as an own plugin in the suite, is by my meaning an advantage, since it’s like in the real world – You don’t have an guitae that does it all, You always connects other pedals, processors etc.

Views Article Discussion View source History. Unknown December 12, at 5: We insert the effects in the part of INS plugin. I am new to all this plugin and VST stuff.

MaddAxmann December 17, at 7: I know I will regret not getting a bike for the rest of my life.