Any “bad” files are identified in Red and can be selected using the “Select Corrupt” button. Question for you if it’s corrupt and you select fix corrupt files and the red lines disappear, does that mean it’s fixed? It also says pack contains other packages, so I take it this is a sims3pack, not sure though, how do you tell one from the other? When I extracted Dashboard, it asked if I wanted to replace these files, or auto-rename them. I’m hoping when they release the NEXT Sims that they don’t repeat the same mistakes they made with this game and make CC easily available for everyone to customize. I accepted, but nothing shows up in Dashboard.

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It shows up in my game and works fine, but I still get sims3dashboard conflict error, so I disable the packages. Also deleteing cache files from time to time doesn’t hurt either.

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What sims3dashboard anything do I do with these conflicts? In my ongoing quest to resolve game issues I went to get the newest version of Delphy’s Sims 3 Dashboard tool. The system cannot find the file sims3dashboard at System.

It’s basically designed to let people easily clear the cache and identify sims3dashboard content. Thank you for helping make the game playable. Riverview Missing Special Effects. Sometimes I sims3dashboard lucky, but most times I’m checking 10 or so packages to find the one I’m after.


For a full, complete guide to downloading complete with pictures and more information, see: Originally Posted by gressnee Hi!

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Run Sims sims3dashboard Dashboard. Had a really annoying piece of corrupted CC that I couldn’t track down, found it in seconds with this! The tool allows you to see the version you sims3dashboard installed for each Expansion as well as a possibility to check if the modding framework is installed properly. Wow thanks, this is what I’ve been looking for ages and it realy helps a lot note i have over third party CCs and the game loads 15 minutes by all expansions i do always a monthly packages cleanup and it normaly takes me sims3dashboard day or two now it will be minutes, thank you so much.

Sims3dashboard of my files that are corrupt are being fixed. Originally Posted by cecesaun1 I think Sims3dashboard might try this. He fall down and go I wish i coul use it, i used to, with the old version but it is not working anymore This is tragical! Cookies are little text files, that are permanently or temporarily saved when visiting this site.


Yeah, but do you have the actual Origin Client installed and not just an account? Is there a dashboard tool the same as this that sims3dashboard for people using Vista? Is sims3dashboard a problem with the Downloads Dashboard? Help us improve Answers HQ!

Solved: Downloads Dashboard in the Sims 3 game is not working – Answer HQ

Just Don’t Do It. Do you have Origin installed? O The sims3dasboard boxes are missing, and I have only sims3dashboard one big box with the CC list D; Too bad it’s not like that sims3dashboard. You -definitely- shouldn’t delete those files.

I don’t have this problem with the old Sims3Dashboard. I think the filter ‘All non-standard files’ doesn’t work for me. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. Will this sims3dashboard incompatible mods, or outdated mods? Can sins3dashboard file help me identify files that cause my game to slowdown? This message has been deleted by Panther