It is one of the milestones of changes in Kannada film industry, be in its making, narration or the technical aspects. It is a feel good film. Retrieved 20 August I even acquired TV rights. And the story takes a drastic leap from here.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms hrailer Use and Privacy Policy. Views Read Edit View history. Prakash, a physically challenged person is among them. There too it went on to become a hit.

The movie was released in MarchExactly 3 years after the first film. W hat has also heightened the curiosity factor is the film’s music. The film revolves only around two characters mainly the hero and the heroine and hence not much characters can be seen in the movie. It also takes place in three different seasons. Kushal Rakshit Shetty is sent rtailer his radio jockey sister Rachana to Kodagu to meet her boyfriend’s sister, Ithihasini, in the hope stor the two will take simple ondu love story trailer liking to each other, leading to marriage, and thus paving the way for her own marriage.


Retrieved 20 August It is a feel good film. No one should lose their life Ajay Lobe toddler son gets behind the camera!

But this trailer, we think, will generate a good first day, first show turnout,” says Rakshit. Released with much hype and anticipation, the film received tremendous response from both the critics and audience. And the sequel movie was also considered as one of the hits. Retrieved from simpple https: The trailer generated a lot of hype and curiosity among Kannada cine goers simp,e the dialogues had become the talk of the town.

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Simple Agi Ondh Love Story – Wikipedia

The film was extensively shot in Pollibetta in Kodagu district of Karnataka and surrounding places near Madikeri and Chikmagalur during rainy season and had used a special camera to capture the nature lavishly.

It was Sunni’s idea to shoot a trailer to convey the essence of the film to the media. I even acquired TV rights. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. That song, Karagida Baaninalli The Film had a sequel under the same theme.

Simple Agi Ondh Love Story is a feel good film

While Sunni has penned a couple of songs himself, he has given several newcomers an opportunity to write the lyrics. And the story takes a drastic leap from here. SRK on Delhi braveheart: Kushal meets a bubbly girl Shwetha Srivatsav who claims to be Ithihasini, and says the rest of the family is out of town.


Simple Agi Ondh Love Story is sweet”. Simple Agi Ondh Love Story created a lot of buzz by its trailer where it had crossed more than a thousand views in just 3 days.

Simple Agi Ondh Love Story is a feel good film – Movies

ZaraBol – Trending Topics. The film releases March 8. The two share their past romantic liaisons. Just 10 days after a trailer of the film was released on the internet, it received over one lakh hits and due credit must go to director Sunni’s dialogues, Manohar Joshi’s brilliant camera work, and the onscreen chemistry of the lead pair Rakshit Shetty and Shweta Srivatsava.

The album has 9 soundtracks.