Even Stratache, the sadist, shows a moment of humanity when he asks the incarcerated to pray for his sick wife too p. But what he is narrating, all of it immediately becomes quite believable, and consequently his tiny book suddenly expands its weight. The path that leads from a concrete historical fact to metaphysical drama is long, the Romanian texts show that it was rigorously followed by Cioran. And to a certain point, I was grateful to my country that gave me the opportunity to such great torment. According to this understanding, human life and liberty prove to be a very subtle way of controlled illness: I loved it because it could not meet my expectations.

simona dinescu omule ce-n asta viata

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How are body tribulations reflected in the pages of Cioran’s aphoristic, which is the ratio between the wound and the letter, the relationship imule ulceration and thought? Inthe Dominican monks created here the first library of manuscripts.

simona dinescu omule ce-n asta viata

si,ona Mona – Mo Na Ney. Live with Andra Soundland feat. But, beyond irony, Nicolae Manolescu plays the part of being displeased about not being invited, of regretting it We have, at last, the so desired freedom.

simona dinescu omule ce-n asta viata

But the album is also highly instructive in the ways of accommodating the countercultural sensitivity with the official dienscu of the Communist regime. The intention of this paper does not allow us to go deeper into this topic.

And to a certain point, I was grateful to my country that gave me the opportunity to such great torment. Hardly has any other book spoken so eloquently about the silenced suffering, entirely focusing itself on grace moments.


Political aggression did nothing else than to strengthen the public perception of literary value. They would engage in action on the narrow but profitable alley of the compensation of the frustration as minority by the guaranteeing of the state of their ethnical and cultural integrity and the enhancement of their own visibility and autonomy. But, in my negation there was such a flame that now, after years, it’s hard to believe that it was not a reversed love, an upside down idolatry.


This age that foregoes history, logically and historiographically argued, is sustained by the force of the imagination and of the emotion of an entire community, passed down orally from generation to generation, persisting in the conscience of the contemporaries. Connected with this theory, Heliade also discusses the distinction between a partial center, a general center and a universal center, all of them integrated in an ideal theocentric world.

This specification rather proves that Nicolae Manolescu could not have made any references to that volume.

The path that leads from a concrete historical fact to metaphysical drama is long, the Romanian texts show that it was rigorously followed by Cioran. I could not find any fact, nor the present or the past. The diaphanous existence The European Idea Publishing House, can be regarded as radiography of an entire literary decadethrough commenting some of the most important publishing appearances from this period. They are, for the time being, old fashioned, belonging to an old code of existence, similar to magic or ecstasy or shamanism in the era of triumphant rationalism.

Chaque objet, ou il est actif et doit avoir son passif, ou il est passif et doit avoir son actif.

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The Romanians impute to the Hungarians the non-pacifying conscience, un-reconciled with the new realities and accuse them of the sick memory of lost privileges.

But in order to approximate the Zalmoxe ideology, or, better-said, ideological nebula, we will have to abide by our limited means and shortly analyze some of the omu,e.


Another example is the canon of Communism in Romanian literature, replacing genuine canonical authors, like Blaga or Eminescu, with writers who were convenient to the political line of the party examples include S. Carmen de la Salciua – Doamne asculta-ma [videoclip oficial] The reversal of the political roles explained the opposed reference of Romanians and 6 The attitude of the minority from Greater Romania towards the new power, and consequently towards its own condition, was different.

Canonical works are long lasting, unshakable in structure and offer a potentially inexhaustible canon and updateable meanings at different times.

simona dinescu omule ce-n asta viata

Referring, in Mon pays, to the Transfiguration of Romania, Cioran outlines his experiences and excessive obsessions with lucidity which the destiny of his own country has caused. Most of the books are printed in almost 2, copies, except for the religious and theological works, the school books and popular literature books. Moein – Eshghe Man. We plead for the esthetic nature of essay, no matter the theme.

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The word we are interested in is anti: Resetting, resizing, changing of order, all are taking place in their own pace and according to a logic that can only be speculated from the outside. Otherwise, the land would be flooded by exclusive rigid literary ideologies, doctrines and counterfeit perfect doctrines, signs of a cultural disease that culture as system instinctively avoids and becomes immune to.

I found a handy inexhaustible inferno, where my ego could reach exasperation at my expense. Mohim – Yor bo lay UzTrack Net.