The first channel of audio undergoing analysis is connected directly from one of the main outputs of the mixing console and the second channel is connected to a microphone placed in the audience listening area, usually an omnidirectional test microphone with a flat, neutral pickup characteristic. Since the most common tool at our disposal is a graphic equalizer, it is only natural that we begin our audio odyssey by considering sound in terms of frequency and amplitude. Nielsen Business Media, Inc. Smaart 7 in transfer mode. Don Pearson —” PDF. Transfer mode can also be used to examine the frequency response of audio equipment, including individual amplifiers, loudspeakers and digital signal processors such as audio crossovers and equalizers. Archived from the original on

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The perfect integration of art and science can yield stunning results, yet it is crucial to understand when to apply each. An acoustician version has been offered as Smaart Acoustic Tools. The Fixed-Point per Octave option makes acoustic sia smaart live easy to interpret. This seems somewhat intuitive but upon examination a clear distinction can be made between the usual equalization process practiced by those not using test equipment and a scientific method supported by measurement and reasoning.

Phase Display Enables you to explore timing characteristics of a system for different frequencies in detail. Smaart 7 in transfer mode.

SIA Smaart Live for Beginners – ProSoundWeb

If smazrt would like to find out more about SIA-Smaart, click here to download the multimedia demonstration for version 1. When we begin to think of sound in terms of arrival time a whole new set sia smaart live possibilities reveals itself. User-configurable Rainbow display Allows you to view decays for three user-selected octave bands simultaneously in Time Slice mode. The transfer mode can be used to measure frequency-related electrical impedanceone of the electrical characteristics of dynamic loudspeakers.


Is the problem truly only a frequency response problem, or is it time related? Don” Pearson worked out the method inusing Smaart to compare the voltage drop through a simple resistor liive a loudspeaker and a random noise generator. If you sia smaart live the tools you can adjust the arrival time of various sources for synchronous arrival, as well as equalize out anomalies introduced by nonlinearities in the loudspeaker system.

As early asfield analysis of rock concert audio was undertaken by Don Pearsonknown by his nickname “Dr. The SIA-Smaart Pro Analysis Module allows you to open two wave files simultaneously and compare both time- and frequency-domain characteristics of the recorded signals a number of different ways.

Views Read Edit View history. Don Sia smaart live —” PDF. With proper equalization his mix decisions are transferred in a linear fashion to the ears of the listeners, no more and no less. Robert Scovill is a master integrator of art and science.

First written as a native Windows 3. It was designed lve help the live sound engineer optimize sound reinforcement systems during the public performance unlike most earlier analysis systems which required specific test signals sent to the sound system, ones which would be unpleasant for the audience to hear. Answers to Frequently-Asked Questions: This product has more than paid for smaart

It can be used to compare a known neutral-response test microphone with another microphone in order sia smaart live better understand its frequency response and, by changing the angle of the microphone under test, its polar response. Author and sound engineer Bob McCarthy wrote in that because of Smaart’s widespread acceptance at all levels of live sound mixing, the paradigm has reversed from the s one of surprise at finding scientific tools in the concert sound scene to one of surprise if the observer finds that such tools are not being used to tune a sound system.


Versions 4 and 5 were built upon the foundation of version 3, but with each major release, the application was getting more and more difficult to write, and further improvements appeared practically impossible to implement. Ultimately, he expects the sia smaart live to accurately track EQ changes made on the console channel strip.

SIA Smaart Live for Beginners

The direct mixing console audio output is compared with the microphone sia smaart live to determine how the sound is changed by the sound system elements such as loudspeakers and amplifiers, and by siaa room acoustics indoors or by the weather conditions and acoustic environment outdoors. Many of us will not advance past this point.

To smaaet align adjacent frequency bands through a crossover, the two phase responses should be adjusted until they are seen in Smaart to be parallel through the crossover frequency. One of the traces in the Smaart display shows phase response. This is used to set delay times for delay towers at large outdoor sound systems, and it is used to set delay times for other loudspeaker zones in smaller systems.

Smaart sia smaart live unusual sia smaart live it helped audio professionals such as theatrical sjaart designers do what was previously possible only with highly sophisticated and expensive measurement devices. For more information and a demonstration, contact your JBL Professional representative. It is also intended to assist audio engineers in analyzing livw output of loudspeakersaudio amplifiers and other audio gear, as well as helping the acoustician analyze room acoustics.