We cannot look at the eternal spirit with our eyes. Let us find him who will end our state of separation. Let our mind undertake the penance. But our imaginations will not lead us to the truth. He protects his devotees in their distress. Let us not have any ego. You want to give rest to your body.

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In whatever situation we are in, we should deal in the best interest of everyone concerned. Shloka 16 People keep their minds full of sorrows and worries. Wonderful are the results for those who abide by his qualities.

Let us never long for other’s wealth and wife. He neither comes from anywhere nor goes to anywhere. One nanache is merciful observes whatever happens and is never involved in the happenings.

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Even the terrible death shivers at his sight. The element that we have been talking about is beyond logic. Let us not corrupt our mind with all sorts of desires. Such moments devoid of Lord Rama make us feel tired. If we talk with him then our confusion ends. Even when the God is formless still we can see him taking forms. We have accepted the currency notes without verifying the validity.


Let us have a strong determination and let us focus on our purpose. Shloka 20 Let us keep the desires at a distance. Speaking other than truth will not lead to happiness. Let us hold Lord Rama in our mind always. We will understand that other living shree manache shlok ringtone are no different from us.

Samarth Ramdas’s Manache Shlok – HARSHWARDHAN JADHAV

Mabache we think anything we like then we are not going to realise God. The eternal spirit cannot be experienced by him who has ego.

We should grasp his feet. He who implements this concept is not affected by wordly troubles. God’s form cannot be explained by citing wordly examples. We should take refuge at sbree feet of such preceptor. We should change our egoistic attitude under the influence of conscience.

Let us shun everything that is condemned and do everything that is commendable with the full devotion of mind.


What efforts are required for that? Let us understand that craving for sensual ringtome is due to the sins commited in the past. Let us observe whatever comes to our experience.

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Shloka 1 Let us follow the path of honesty and devotion. We should always tell stories glorifying Lord Rama. Think what remains thereafter. Let us deal with everything with conscience.

All sorts of logic that start with confusion end up with hell. Whatever we tell others to do, let us ringtohe first. The Puranas stand testimony to this fact.