Some of the modules even support multi monitor aware features, such as making it possible for a task bar to only show the windows which are on the current monitor. It replaces Windows Explorer, the taskbar, the start button and pretty much everything else. The default Xoblite desktop is similar to that of bbLean, but out of the box it looks more polished and advanced. Those are probably the two most popular Windows customization tools that are still actively developed. As the name suggests, it can give Windows that classic look from older versions. So for anyone who wants a desktop shell for Windows that is incredibly fast and minimal, bbLean is a great choice.

sharpenviro themes

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Just install it and then start installing themes, scripts or modules. You can also find animated skins and themes, live wallpaper, effects, and much more. Usually when replacing the Windows shell, users are looking for more control and customization options than what is provided in Windows.

One of the most popular desktop customization tools is Rainmeter. It is possible to change this toolbar with great ease. Now WindowBlinds is a means of making the Windows 7 shell more user-configurable. We’ll not spam mate! You’re not stuck with it. This shell is open source, so it’s free of charge. For users with multiple monitors SharpEnviro offers many advanced features to enhance your desktop experience.


For those of you who feel the need, the need to customize, an alternative shell to the Windows sharpenvirl is one possible solution.

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With those virtual monitors you can temporarily move all your current windows to a virtual or invisible monitor and then later switch back to them. Best Windows Alternative Shell Replacement Programs You can completely change its look and feel and use less resources.

You can create multilevel desktops, desktop panels, and lots more. Click to load comments. Instead, it seems nowadays there are more desktop customization utilities than shell replacements. You won’t be adding widgets and new and improved menus. If You Dont Hav I include it because it offers a few more advanced features than does bbLean, such as plugins, some extra tools, and a font pack.

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Facebook Stylish Name Maker Online. Facebook Social Toolkit Free Download. Another popular set of customization tools is from a company called Stardock. SharpEnviro was reviewed by Madalina Boboc. October 6th, in: Sharpenvirp on multiple groups tool uses Fa This a shell replacement, which means that you are required to install it on your machine, before being able to use it in any way.

sharpenviro themes

One utility they sell is WindowBlinds. That is no longer the case. Instead, there are still a decent number of desktop customization tools.


When using SharpEnviro you can create multiple freely configurable toolbars.

sharpenviro themes

Aseem KishoreTwitter: August 23, GPL. BlackBox was always considered one of the lightest, fastest window managers in the Linux environment. To make your first steps in the world of SharpEnviro even easier the default setup of the shell sharpenvio designed to be very similar to what you know from Microsoft Windows — so just dive in, try it out and explore a new and exciting way to use your computer.

sharpenviro themes

Those toolbars are similar to the Windows task bar, only that you can now configure how many of them you want and what content you want in them. Xoblite isn’t quite as lightning fast as bbLean, but it offers more features and power. Special Modules are available for the toolbars which provide extended functionality such as monitoring the memory and cpu usage of your PC, taking notes or displaying weather informations.