It’s clear as day that Sylvie was set out to be the main character, but that spotlight often than not, gets distributed to others; especially Yul, as well as Clip and Leveret and many others. What a shock but I understand why. What a ride it has been. The community’s golden age is over. But even in that sadness, there lies its inherent and unrestrained beauty. Jun 26, Marcie rated it it was amazing. It’s one of those few series in which the writing not only has the quality intact but becomes better with each installment.

shaman of stonewylde

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Leveret’s affinity for magic and for healing is blossoming and, alongside it, so is Magpie’s art, but as the community’s woes grow these are small consolations.

Shaman of Stonewylde by Kit Berry – FictionDB

I would have appreciated it more if there were more pages to truly build-up to the exact moment and the unravelling of the last few scenes. Or a perfect finale. I am very keen not to give any of the story away, but the truth is, if you’ve made it this far through the series, this book is definitely NOT going to disappoint.

Kit Berry is the author of the Stonewylde series, a fantasy series set in the fictional community of Stonewylde. There is a glimmer of light in the darkness. Thada Inglin rated it it was amazing Aug 20, Catyj rated it liked it Nov 04, And yet, even in that isolation, the shman has remained thrilling.


Shaman of Stonewylde

The thrilling finale to the Stonewylde series Disaster has struck. But even in that sadness, there lies its inherent and unrestrained beauty.

shaman of stonewylde

Is it a happy one shhaman When he was younger he was fun to be around, as well as sweet and caring. Apr 27, Christopher rated it it was amazing.

shaman of stonewylde

When I was younger 14 ish I kind of wanted Leveret and Clip to have a relationship. Books by Stonewhlde Berry. Very much a different mood to Shadows at Stonewylde, this book brings together and finalises all the characters stories, and does so perfectly.

Is this the end for Stonewylde? At the beginning of the book, Yul is being dictatorial himself towards his loved ones. I said so from the start but you know how Yul always gets his own way! I haven’t cried while reading a book in a long time.

Apr 20, Codee Dillon rated it really liked it. D Brilliant, inventive, a unusual take on magic system is and highly recommended!: Superbly plotted and the right mix of intrigue and suspense bound with earth magick and ritual.

The community’s golden age is over. D Yul and Sylvie are still having marriage issues and the financial crisis at Stonewylde is continuing to bite this is combined with a drought and the continuing goings-on coursework three crones drink previous book!: So, we reach the end of the Stonewylde story – and what a way to finish this wonderful story. Anticipation, anger, sadness, disgust, fascination and more. That’s how impactful it felt. The last section of this book may well be the most wonderfully written and moving end I have ever read – after finishing the last page I think I just sat for 10 minutes or so trying to take in what had just happened.


Shaman of Stonewylde (Stonewylde, #5) by Kit Berry

My favourite characters of this book would have to go to Magpie and Leveret, who is of course, the view spoiler [Shaman of Stonewylde hide spoiler ]. Nov 10, Witchypoo rated it it was amazing. Maizie reveals she called her daughter Leveret because of the hares where she and Sol conceived her.

Kelly rated it really liked it Oct 18, Feb 13, Zoey rated it really liked it.