Do I have to type something to set the kills for victory? Mar 21, Messages: This was on playdota?? Also try to add more variety of useful items to the shops and maybe some upgrades or some sort. As for other things like the pudge model and its abilities, they look great. Having more than 1 bottle will refill the bottle starting from the top.

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Choose which entry should win in the 19th Terraining Contest Poll. Join the 11th Music Contest! However, the presence of four useful items spiced up the game. Raze doesn’t seem to deal a lot of damage to other heroes so I’d like to recommend lowering the initial HP for shadowgaze more thrilling gameplay.

Legendary ShadowFiend Wars +AI – Warcraft 3 Maps – Epic

While the tiles you used were manipulated pretty efficiently, there were no signs of Dirt and Shsdowraze Dirt.

Shadow FuryJun 19, We have shadowraze wars ai 9.3 new contest going on right now! Meat Hook Damage, Range and Cooldown can also be wrs upgraded. Please review the rules here. Tips are displayed upon typing “-tips”. The only criticism xi relation to the AI is that you didn’t state whether they have difficulties or not.


The creep groups seem random in race, you could think about adding uniform groups, like only trolls instead of a mix of trolls, ogres and murlocs. They responded well to varying scenarios. Here is a list of some additional issues with their solutions you may find optional ones though.

Are you planning to upload your awesome map to Hive?

ArdenianJun 19, For now I think si is not on a approvable state. No, create an account shadowraze wars ai 9.3. I just advance to their destination and I kill them everytime. However, the gameplay does not offer a lot of varieties that may hinder players from playing your map again after playing a few times, thus its repetitive. That could be a shadowraze wars ai 9.3 because if they get ambushed, they need to Raze the enemy immediately, not wait the cooldown.

But for some reason, the team gameplay couldn’t be chosen, you should fix this bug. It feels very simple at its current stage, but it does not mean it does not offer interesting PvP action.

In Necromastery, there should be a way like in Multiboard or typing to know how many souls you currently have. I will upload soon v2.

Pudge Hook Wars vd + AI | HIVE

Yes, my password is: Player1 to Player6 are allies, Player7 to Player12 are allies. It is quite challenging since you need to master the 3 Razes to kill others yet this could get quite repetitive. He said he uploaded it in EpicWar and he upload it here maybe he didn’t updated the screenshots.


However, the AI doesn’t seem to understand that and still Razes them for no reason when all other creeps are dead. Result SF War v1.

Pudge Hook Wars v2.7d + AI

The items in the shop is expensive, and why does killing a Hero gives no gold. Okay, in all seriousness, ia you spawn right near an enemy and sometimes your across the map.

Having the edges of playable area being black borders gives the impression that the author was lazy in decorating the edges.

Now your description looks even better. Classic Hook Mode is selected by default.