D I’d prefer q small w middle e large r requiem of souls. What does ‘Necromastery’ does? I like the fonts BTW! Nov 4, Messages: However, the gameplay does not offer a lot of varieties that may hinder players from playing your map again after playing a few times, thus its repetitive. Just as the game loads, you find your hero in front of you and the AI already walking away.

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Well, the terrain was decent but the thing is the way you decorate your map is “boring” the same doodads you see in many parts of the terrain. The Aftermath has been revealed! Players should be able to read what an ability does, even if it al only a short information.

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However, the presence of four useful items shadowraae up the game. Are you planning to upload your awesome map to Hive? I think the map can still be greatly improve both on terrain and gameplay. For now I think it is not on a approvable state. The items on the shop were so expensive like and gold and the gold earnings is so poor and it makes hard to buy items that can be useful.

In one of the games I shadowraze wars ai, I used cheats and scored over kills but still it didn’t end Apr 12, Messages: If someone doesn’t know DotA and who’s Nevermore or even doesn’t know what’s an Arena gameplay type we should consider all possible circumstanceshow can he know what he’s supposed to do? Since this could sound a bit like a monochromatic scenery, I’d suggest adding flowers as well to add some vivid colours.


Sclammerz wsrs, Jun 16, Learning the ability offers you three different ranges, so the player has to guess what distance shadowraze wars ai between an enemy and him to cast the right range.

SF War v AI d | HIVE

This bundle is marked as substandard. SclammerzJun 17, I bet you will get addicted once you play this awesome map! Typing an introductory message, where you include what to do, any mode you can set and a brief outline of the gameplay, would be much better. The creep groups seem random in race, you could think about adding uniform groups, like only trolls instead of a mix of trolls, ogres shadowraze wars ai murlocs. FluxJun shadowraze wars ai, Don’t worry, They are also in this map for extra fun.

I have replaced 1. The gameplay consists in controlling the famous DotA character Shadow Fiend [Nevermore] to fight other Shadow Fiends with the same four skills of the original DotA hero.

Hi, though Ardenian already reviewed it.


Silver Dust Suggested players: The most interesting thing is, you can’t attack using your hits even your opponent is on tip low hitpoints. The terrain was quite mediocre.

However, the gameplay does not offer a lot of varieties that was hinder shadowraze wars ai from playing your map again after playing a few times, thus its repetitive. ArdenianJun 16, Currently, one can fool it easily. Add more usable items, new features to spice out the map.

In my first game, I didn’t go for neutral creeps, I just go and shadowraze wars ai every SF I found and level gapped all of them I’m level 10 and they are 3 to 4 but still I’m the only one without dagger.

Razing the whole game isn’t something particularly enjoyable for a long period.

Review SF War v1. It is almost never a good idea not to use all the tiles available because more variation usually implicates a better terrain. D I’d prefer q small w middle e sgadowraze r requiem of souls.