The title song “Djevojka sa sela” is even today considered as one of her biggest hits. The album was composed and written partially by Zrinko Tutic and partially by Severina herself. Retrieved 27 December The concert was followed by strong media promotion and was proclaimed “the most spectacular event of the year”. The whole album was inspired by rock sounds and was both critically and publicly acclaimed. Podsjetimo se SVIH stvari zbog kojih je slavna”.

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She won the award “Zlatna ptica” for the best selling artist of the decade in Croatia. By the end of the she had had a concert in Kombank Arena Belgrade, Serbia singing in front of 20 people. The song “Moja stvar” was written and composed by Severina herself and was praised by critics. They departed after the release because of the dispute over her contract.

The composer of the whole album was Zrinko Tutic. Jutarnji list in Croatian. In she made a 5-minute cameo appearance playing herself in the Slovenian film Petelinji zajtrk Rooster’s Breakfastone of the most successful Ifaliana films in recent decades.

It was proclaimed an anthem of Croatian National Football Team while their involvement in European Football Championship during which they ranked at number 3. severina italiana spot


Italiana (Instrumental) by Severina on Spotify

It included 10 songs such as: Severina’s style can be described as pop with various folk and cabaret influences. The whole tour sold more thantickets. Archived from the original on 22 October The album was influenced by jazz music. Views Read Edit View history.

Following the release of the album, Severina went on to her sdverina big regional tour.

On 21 Februaryshe gave birth to a boy named Aleksandar in Split. Although the decision to cast Severina was met with criticism by some commentators who questioned her acting credentials, the musical premiered in March with considerable success. In the same year, she recorded her first studio album titled Severina.

SEVERINA FEAT. FM – ITALIANA SPOT – (9 J.U.G.) Parodija/Parody – video dailymotion

Moja stvar was her 5th studio album. Additionally, after having made several public appearances wearing clothes depicting religious imagery most notably a tight shirt with an image of the Virgin Mary with Severina showing ample cleavagesome protested the abuse of religious elements, calling them offensive. Podsjetimo se SVIH stvari zbog kojih je slavna”.

It is referred to as one of her most beautiful songs to this severina italiana spot. Severina’s 7th studio album, Ja sam pjevamwas a continuation of the pop sounds heard on her previous albums. Retrieved from ” https: Often referred to as her most iconic album, Djevojka sa sela is truly a masterpiece of Croatian music production. Alcatraz is often referred to as her most beautiful and emotional song of the postDUK era.


The album was critically and publicly acclaimed and achieved big success. The album is scheduled for release by the end of September 29, — January 5, The song has more than 45 million views on YouTube.

The album had total of 10 songs among which were: The single raised around 14 million views.

SEVERINA FEAT. FM – ITALIANA SPOT – 2012. (9 J.U.G.) Parodija/Parody

The song was viewed around 1. As a child, she took smaller parts in theatre and severina italiana spot productions in her native Split. The song “Virujen u te” became one of the biggest evergreens in Croatian music history. Severina sang about her hard decisions and struggle to overcome public shame, in the song “Na sceni sama” she captured the emotion itallana the public by singing: