I Kick It feat. What you have to say to every person which wants to become like you? Idemo do kraja He has played all around ex Yugoslavia, as well as in the neighboring countries. A message for every fan of your music?

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I want to travel around the world with my music, to play for people who are getting well with my music, to meet powerful people in the world, just because I can find out their view of the world.

The latest part I watched five or six times, without exaggeration. Your email address will not be published. Next month we are releasing new song and official video.

To je sevdah, baby. Tell me what is your favorite song and band? We love you too, of course.

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Do you have some your song which is special to you? Share on LinkedIn Share. Now, I am working on some international project, so my idea is to expend my sound across the world. Milan also produces music under alias “Brutt Van Daal”. What you have to say to every person which wants to become like you? Can It Be Original Mix.


Definitely big stages, I love to have my own space and their own, communication is much more clear. Red Bull Music Academy 3.

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What do you want from life? The summary of the book fade out from my head, najboljq the story of the bwby character, whom, in times sevdah baby najbolja pesma war destructions, while everybody is fighting against the enemy, is building churches bzby the time, remain carved in my head.

Access the complete album info 13 songs. Ida Prester – Milan Stankovic. Or from Croatia because of the accent in the song “3 Poljupca”? Who is your biggest support in life and career? Are they from Serbia, or from Bosnia because of Sevdah? How did you gather and how did you start to play together? On the stage at Broadway. I Kick It feat.

SevdahBABY to introduce himself to the Balkan audience, but also a product of enormous creative energy of all the people sevdah baby najbolja pesma participated in it. Share on Google Plus Share. I working for that moment.


Sega Mega, ti i ja. I would like to play in Zagreb. Where can you see yourself for twenty years?

Ljubi me brzo, žurim

Strike Recordings, Colombia 2. Where did you had gigs, in which countries? And when it comes to differences, of course they exist, they are not bad or good, simply those differences consider the time which we live. Tu Pa Tam soundtrack, Idemo do kraja