Click to load comments. It expects data to be little-endian. The last version was 1. The X and Y coordinates stored with each trace are used to visualize the position and shape of the data in space. Amplitude scale too weak default is man-max.

segy viewer

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The quick bar located in the xegy side of the main window provides access to various display modes, including wiggle, gray, color and timelines, as well as to scale and direction adjustments. Summit This is demo version, it has nag screen and watermark. AGC, mute, trace mix, phase shift.

segy viewer

Geoscitech It is also known as Spectrum Result Viewer. The list of known supported file types is further down the page. Since it is a Chinese language viewer, I can’t say much about it. Original downloads only All software listed on file.

vewer This is indeed a very nice find! A number of good folks volunteer to make and publish VTK binary packages on different platforms.

Also, you can view all the file header information the EBCDIC, binary, reel header and all the trace headers There is also a fun little gimmick that let’s you listen to your seismic! You seem to be quite knowledgeable on the Git stuff — How long would you estimate before the v6. But it still offers the ability to view the seismic data colour display and conventional black and white traces. It is for Windows. Traces are organized in rows inlines and columns crosslines and are stored in the file degy row-major-order.


Visualization for GeoPhysical Data – SEG-Y Reader

It only displays one trace at a time. It only reads integer formats. It is for Windowsand requires registration to download. However, it displays headers with many options. We do not yet have a description of SEGY Viewer itself, but we do know which types of files our users open with it.

Does not display text header correctly as 40 lines, instead get continuous jumble.

It can also scan trace headers for minimum and maxium values. Can also display dump of sample values.

SEGY Viewer

Content distributed under a CC BY 4. It sounds impressive in the user’s manual, but I could not get it to work version 2. The last version was 1.

segy viewer

Annotation only one header limited choice. Can click on trace to see headers. Files can be added to the visualization area using the dedicated commands, as drag and drop is not supported. Has a range of processing functions: Currently a beta release and I expect it will get more features in future. The “divergence correction” appears to zero the data instead. One can choose any header for annotation, but only shows trace under cursor. SeismiGraphix This is in Java, so runs under most operating systems.


Download SeiSee

A SEG-Y file consists of a file header followed by a number of traces. On an ending note, SeiSee comes across as a comprehensive application that can assist in the visualization and analysis of seismic related data, being suited for use inside schools and research centers. Shows time and amplitude under cursor.