That which ought to be sung gEyam is the Gita and the thousand sahasram names of the Lord nAma. The high point was the mangalya dharanam- the tying of the holy thread by Shri Rama to Seetha Devi. Pl find the revised link – http: Thank you for the link to Seetha kalyana vaibhogame. February 13, at 4: In a mind without desire manasi vitRshNAm , comprehend kuru buddhim the Truth sat. She would like to get married at home, she tells me.

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He will come back only when our new home is ready. Ah, so you too have a connection with Melbourne! Looks like sung by Smt Brinda. He served as the last Governer-General of India. But I have a basic doubt. So I shall set aside all the grief seetha kalyana vaibhogame ms subbulakshmi that which has passed and hope for joy and contentment in the future, not just for myself but for all of us who call earth our home.

If they survived the disasters, will they ever heal from what did to them? O the one worshipped by Shyamakrishna signature of the poet! The priests then followed it up with the homam- holy fire ceremony, akstharaponam- sprinkling of holy rice, and mangalaharathi.

Where is your home? A hundred LED tea lights are arranged along the corridor and on the Rangoli. For good health, we should eat that which stablizes the imbalance between the three doshas in our body.


I leave for India on the 5th of January, the house must be ready before then. He is still on the 11th while I have rushed forward to the 12th. I have fixed a Henna lady and arranged for dinner that night. I wonder if one day all these lines and distinctions will fade away forever?

RK: MS Subbulakshmi :: Jagadodharana..

Thanks Suja for writing back. Notify me of new comments via email. As for Anandhi my own view is that she was reticent and perhaps not as outgoing –in front of crowds but in private she was the “Chip of the old block” Kalki Mama”.

My daughter has finalised the invitation and has posted them. My post today is dedicated to Mahalakshmi, She who is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Sita Kalyana Vaibhogame | Music To My Ears

What we see, what we read, what we hear — they all form food for the mind, do they not? The poet cleverly uses similarities and contrasts, rhyme and alliteration, rhythm seetha kalyana vaibhogame ms subbulakshmi repetition to create a very moving and beautiful song. What she did was anoint us with all the auspicious symbols of Mahalakshmi, worshipping the Goddess through us. Thank you for the link to Seetha kalyana vaibhogame.

February 15, at 3: Today I would like to express my gratitude to Mahalakshmi for being in my life in innumerable ways and for the blessings that She continues to shower upon me.


As always, the celestial wedding vaibhgame with a sumptuous repast of Kalyana Sapadu- wedding feast, planned by the MTS Food committee led by Malar Narayanan, complete with various dishes and desserts prepared and served by MTS staff and volunteers.

The wealth of parents are their children. According to Ayurveda, our seetha kalyana vaibhogame ms subbulakshmi have vata, kapha or pitta doshasor a combination thereof. Thank you for your wishes and those of your mother. While looking for a good instrumental version, I came subbulakshmk this amateur video from Nallur Temple in Jaffna region, Sri Lanka.

Also if you can post the Syamasastry Swarjathi piece in Thodi Rave Himagiri Kumari–that is a classic where your Mother sings in the higher octave and MS Amma sings in the lower octave Through the next few days I learnt of more details.

Ours has not been an easy marriage. I know of only this one song that he has written and what a lovely song it is! There is still the evening celebrations to follow.