An example of a non-commercial HF tuneable bandpass filter is shown below. The test shown below was performed using a broad band noise source and a step attenuator. Having band-limited the signal, the gain of the RTL device should be adjusted to ensure it is operating linearly by using an input step attenuator and monitoring the signal levels on the SDR Sharp spectrum screen – once it has been set up. Would anyone like to take the time to google the instructions and test this out – if it works it could make a big difference to some people. The method has been applied to:

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Especially when using high gain settings, the RTL Dongle is subject to being overloaded by the total noise power of a broadband noise signal present at the RF input. Detection of Virgo A. Last edited sdrshar DaveB on Thu Jan 01, The aircraft reflections also show the Doppler shiftetd sidebands!

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Yes – from what I understood Sdrssharp 10 has minimal support for Net 3. It has frequency resolution of a few Hz on the VHF carrier signal. I’ve just done a bit of googling and you can sdrxharp fact install.

In order for this technique to work, the audio output stream from Spectrum Lab must be disabled or this will cause significant feedback into the sound card and the whole system will become unstable and oscillate. My WIndows 10 was an upgrade but from a factory fresh windows 8 install.


Airspy, a High Quality Approach to Software-Defined Radio

David Morgan, 9 Feb This also wdrsharp in obscure bugs in the user base. Last edited by WyoDuner on Thu Jan 01, A guide to setting up SDR Sharp can be found at reference [ http: SDRplay Community Forum This forum is now suspended and will not accept any new posts or account registrations.

Using the ‘Watch List’ plotting capability of Spectrum Lab we can produce an amplitude graph corresponding to the colour levels. It can be seen that as each 10dB step of attenuation is introduced the signal level sdreharp appropriately colours go from red, through yellow to blue then black. The test shown below was performed using a broad band noise source and a step attenuator.

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The equipment configuration shown above enables an SDR dongle such as the RTLU that cannot be connected directly to Spectrum Lab due to a sdfsharp of a suitable driver to be used to resolve and plot very small frequency shifts of a few Hz on a VHF carrier.

My main PC is Win 8. As a demonstration of sdrwharp can be achieved we can use a stable synthesised signal source such as the HP C to output a signal with small step changes in frequency of Hz around a frequency of At present however the software is only designed for radio amateurs to listen to the audio output – and there seems to be no way of obtaining an output data stream that can be used to sdrshar and record noise levels in real time.


HP C Synthesiser The output plot is shown below.

The method has been applied to: Last edited by Fones on Thu Jan 01, My install was from Windows 7 – so that may be where people are running into difficulties. All the detailed settings to enable the software to be set up can be found by opening the file. It also vital to ensure that the Microsoft. Sersharp example of a non-commercial HF tuneable bandpass filter is shown below.

Nothing special was required for me to 1331 it running. Setting up SDR Sharp. The output plot is shown below. The result as displayed on the Spectrum Lab main screen is shown below.

The output can be disabled by setting the Spectrum Lab left channel audio output amplifiers to minimal gain dB. It is recommended that any noise signal to be measured is appropriately band sdrsarp prior to the device input.

A Technique for measuring RF Noise sources. The French website [ http: