I tried it with sd4hide 1. Hmm, Maxis might trick the new Civ4 checks. Or at least, I think this is it. User Name Remember Me? So after you get the error, the game still launches? EDIT Not a good mini image.


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Is there anything wrong?

Am I supposed to be running SD4hide with command like arguments? Hmm, Maxis might trick the new Civ4 checks.


All times are GMT But Maxi Images are universal. Page 1 of 5. Hehe guys, just made a mini image using the maxi method, but this is even better I compressed the file with Windows Compression Before: Newbie questions about image files. I only know how to craete a “Mini Image” I have a couple of questions 1. The one I posted or the one AnalCobra posted? I didn’t bother upgrading to DT4 so I am using the registry thing. User Name Remember Me?


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Which script did you use? Last edited by Big J Money; at Find all posts by Qui. Near my PC Posts: This is a vrilliant idea, however I can’t get this to work!

Wow, it’s a great idea and you can apply it to nearly every game. Can you post your bat script and take a sd4hire-skl of the error?


On my scipt the autorun sreen will also appear. EDIT Not a good mini image. I sd4hideskl never able to get that thing working. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The script bascially backsup your existing SCSI information from the registry, if its not there, then this process will fail, so if you already had sd4hide running before using this script, that process will fail, but the game will still run.

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The weird thing is, If I click the destop shortcut for the game straight after getting an error the game will launch fine so the mounting is OK. However, am I missing something, or do you have to unrar this??


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Works on some computers, but not on others I thought you didn’t get it to work yet. I tried it with sd4hide 1. Its very stable and very good to use.

Thx for the link: CopyrightFileForums http: BB code is On. Anyway, hopefully that post helps some other person. I can’t seem to get this mini image to work.