The first step if you want create your pet comments X. It’s a valid question and concern. Sheep is the English language version of a Japanese “screen mate” program widely distributed in the s. Some utilities for the editor: Since I want to have it as community application, it would be nice to have working pets, and not unfinished pets. Open Source x – This is an Open Source project! A simple tutorial to explain how to add this sheep to your webpage comments X.

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Remove ends the Sheep program. Download this sheep scmpoo 1.0 see how she walk around your desktop for Free: Trivia Sheep may have been first in the hugely successful field of “screen mate” programs, scmpoo 1.0 sadly the cute little programs quickly become a vehicle of choice for delivering malware and were quickly abandoned by many users as sometimes completely unsubstantiated rumors spread.

Start Sheep If you’re like me, you’re probably running Sheep in your retro Windows environment inside an emulator, so hopefully you made a program icon for Sheep and scmpoo sitting in one of your icon groups in Program Manager. Do NOT change the name of the help file or it won’t work.

Start Sheep Run Multiple Instances A series of books followed from Mr.

Scmpoo 1.0 free Download

This unofficial help file was not made or translated by anyone at Fuji Television or Village Center, Inc. Home of the missing help file for Sheep!


This nice sheep covered our desktops for years: If you just want to see the contents and information included in my HLP file but don’t want to download it, see below. You have to double-click right or left each scmpoo 1.0 sheep on your desktop. Trivia The yellow sheep with the purple horns is named Poe and the black sheep with the little ears is named Merry.

Sheep goes by several names including: OK sets the options of scmpoo 1.0 choice Cancel closes the options window without making any changes Help opens the help file ONLY safely available from here.

You can do this up to 9 times and they’ll all run reasonably well depending scmpoo 1.0 how much processing power you have available. He may be joined or chased around by a black sheep, or even a UFO.

Unzip and place this help file into the same folder where your sheep. I will remove the pets from the release if: Sheep is a “Screen Mate” program, which runs in the background or along side of whatever you’re doing.

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Copyright Information The Sheep program is based on the work of Japanese animator Tatsutoshi Nomura’s “Stray Sheep” series of five-minute animation shorts that were shown at midnight on the Fuji Television network in Scmpoo 1.0.

Editor x – Create your own pet! Options Debug Window Close Program Hot Tip Sheep came out during the days of bit Windows, but scmpoo 1.0 also runs on bit as well as sdmpoo emulators scnpoo bit machines or even on iDevices.


When you’re done looking at actions simply click OK to close the Debug Window.


Once you wrote your animation in the editor, you can publish them as beta. The format was scmpoo 1.0 for a good reason, but as long as you get it from me, here, it’s safe. Options To access Sheep Options, double-click a sheep.

Well I decided to do something about the missing help file, so I gathered up a ton of facts about our favorite little screen mate and it’s real creators scmpoo 1.0 put it all in scmpoo 1.0 See this project and report any bugs here: Sheep wonder around, run, sneeze, eat flowers, leap through the air, climb around on your windows, scmppoo handstands, bounce, and a whole lot more!

Do not publish them as release if you are still testing it! I wrote an scmoo editor, so you can write your personal pet and publish it worldwide! Online editor – sprite sheet You never know, so keep watching!

It works for the Japanese or the English version of: