Microsoft is widely used, popular, easily accessible to all walks of people even for a mere rupee note from the software pirates. Even the constitution is amended when needed. In my illustration I too have given the zwj code point. Remember sinhala do have different ways to write the language Kavi is written in a one format etc etc years of sinhala development has to be preserved. All of the people who are popularizing Unicode because they want to help their language into the modern age. You are confusing the public by classifying sinhala used in computers as unicode sinhala where all sinhala characters are not represented in it except few typewriter based characters.

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But I have thought of a better mechanism to present matters. What fnot say is crystal clear Mr. We cannot allow to change the representation of words the way you like. If you do not have one say so. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. However, visible distinctions created by certain format characters particularly the joiner controls are necessary and carry meaning in certain languages.

Sinhala Fonts: South Asian Language Resource Center

Let the intelligent people llisten to Gaminitillake and then take a decision. No one can copyright the sinhala alphabet, it is something that was developed for more than thousand years. In addition to yansaya and repaya, we call include some of he widely used joint letters too, because there is enough space. I enjoy that right. School pota sinhala font renamed the font file name to be iskoola-pota.


In my illustration I too have given the zwj code point. It has been invented and implemented successfully. Anuradha thank you shool teaching how to argue as you are a teacher at the university of sri lanka it is your duty to teach me and others. If unicode plane give its UTF numbers etc if not say it comes from sinhqla sinhala kit and plaster software.

They store schlol and other characters by assigning a number for each one. Using joiners is not a problem it is a string of inputs but the utf value and unicode name etc etc school pota sinhala font be there in unicode consortium to tell that is a unicode registered character. You can have all the sequences of inputs but the out put character need to be scchool in unicode and have a UTF value. First column is the Unicode test, second column is an image that shows how it should be rendered.

This is a tip to Mr Donald, you could use Image Capture to sinhalaa an screenshot of your Parallels screen running on a Mac. It has to be dynamic.

You mean we need not have to down load the sinhala kit and the plaster software to read sinhala? This a very straightforward method. If you talk of kayanna and shayanna I have no problem Both these two have UTF values and a proper location in unicode. You will not be able to post vague comments on this Blog anymore.


As someone said do you think the avatar of VKS will squeeze school pota sinhala font neck at night if you change Sinhala Unicode chart? I can perfectly type Sinhala Unicode characters in Microsoft Word. I will be glad to assist you for the issue.

Iskoola Pota (iskpota.ttf)

I’m using a bit Ubuntu You say that installing anything is not needed for Latin scripts and it should be the same for Sinhala! You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number.

I see an edited version of the last post I made here has school pota sinhala font cut and paste at http: Therefore I have the copyrights of all individual sinhala akuru relating to the computer.

This attempt helped myself to understand another important thing which is about how to use any Sinhala font we want in our Latex documents.

But I found a better one here.

So, when you have free time can you do this?