SAP and Accenture launch upstream operations management application. Ocean software development framework was created to extend Schlumberger platforms through plug-in development. Analysis dashboard with new reporting module The new reporting module enables you to build and launch exception-based reports to highlight data outliers based on conditions or filter out data across columns using crossfiltering techniques. Shell drills into big data analytics. Organize your customizable and standard dashboard view to streamline data analysis. Click OK to continue.

schlumberger ofm software

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OFM software is the ideal tool for all work environments and users. OFM well and reservoir analysis software is a powerful tool designed to aid in the day-to-day surveillance and management of oil and gas fields. OFM software enables turning data into decisions that can improve oil and gas field performance throughout the entire softawre cycle.

OFM Has Arrived

View Scheduled Courses Ocean Ocean software development framework was created to extend Schlumberger platforms through plug-in development. Latest News Advanced big schlumbreger tools could enhance industry performance. Your session is about to expire.

Connect multiple disciplines Productivity is improved by driving collaboration between technical disciplines. Transient modeling is sogtware essential component for feasibility studies and field development design.

OFM well lfm reservoir analysis software provides a cost effective and integrated environment in which to accomplish complex workflows, forecasting analyses, and visualization of reservoir and production data. To read the latest Big Data stories in the oil and gas sector, please visit: Synchronization function for multiple charts The new synchronization functionality now enables you to set synchronization channels for different charts.

schlumberger ofm software

A new DCA module with unconventional forecasting techniques, such as Arps, Duong, stretched exponential, and power law, is now available in analysis dashboard. New data analytics tool released for upstream operations. MEPO The MEPO multiple realization optimizer works in conjunction with simulation engines, using a powerful run management system for better and faster results.


Sofyware also acts as a single point of analysis for reservoir and production engineers to collaborate and manage more wells in less time, noted the official. Whether at the wellsite, office, or remote locations, OFM software enables you to access or load data from both local desktop and corporate repositories such as Oracle and SQL Server databases. Schlumberger introduces new well integrity service.

The new Analysis Dashboard functionality in OFM makes visualization easier while improving flexibility softwzre interactivity for users. The mapping techniques have multidimensional capabilities for controlling color, shape, and size to eoftware deeper insight to the areal trend. Annotations to add or tag events on a line chart can be added on demand by picking a point on the curve. Analysis dashboard with new mapping module Dashboards can now be created to consist of stacked layers of different mapping techniques such as well symbols, bubble, grid, contour, well spacing, map server, shapefile, annotation, bounded, schulmberger deviation on a new GIS or non-GIS background layer.

Schlumberger Software

sftware The integrated methodology used to evaluate and successfully optimize gas production for a brownfield included a detailed production evaluation of the field and wells in addition to optimization of the artificial lift system and design. OFM software provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface enabling you to view, modify, and analyze production and reservoir data within the Microsoft Windows environment. Techlog wellbore software platform sofyware cross-domain workflows based on a data management layer, extending across different disciplines: Industries can improve operation using big data, says GE and Accenture.


For example, zooming on one chart will reflect the same zoom on the other charts. View Scheduled Courses Techlog Techlog wellbore software platform offers cross-domain workflows based on a data management layer, extending across different disciplines: By bringing science, structure, and objectivity to simulation projects, the MEPO optimizer enables geoscientists and engineers to evaluate the complete range of options, and fully understand and manage development and production challenges.

schlumberger ofm software

The Ocean framework allows oil and gas companies to build or integrate specialized technologies and workflows within the platforms: In compliance with European Union EU legislation for visitors from the EU, NExT requests your permission to place cookies on your computer to both improve your experience and to help us improve our website.

This new schlumbergerr of tools provides flexible and comprehensive assessment measurements to allow an extensive range of client-defined business rules.

The enhanced integration streamlines two-way data transfer between OFM sottware and the following: Waterflooding is the use of water injection to increase the production from oil reservoirs. OFM analysis tool detects oilfield production hassles. PetroMod petroleum systems modeling software combines seismic information, well data, and geological knowledge to accurately model the evolution of sedimentary basins over time and optimally predict if and how reservoirs have been charged with hydrocarbons.

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schlumberger ofm software