They nailed that one. Same video, new audio. I’m getting more of a Hands Finger feel from that guy. I just need this on my blog. Ever hear of this school choir from the 70’s, doing popular songs of the day? I don’t think this is too much to ask.

scala and kolacny brothers teenage dirtbag mp3

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Every breath you take downton abbey scala and kolacny brothers. In conclusion, there are some damn good choral music recommendations in this AskMe threadif you are interested in such. At least to me, that’s what it makes it superior: These type of renditions strike a wonderful balance for me–they combine the comfort and nostalgia of my childhood with the “danger” of popular music.

It just seems like a gigantic wasted opportunity to me.

Scala & Kolacny Brothers | MetaFilter

Thanks for the Dondero link psmealey–I hadn’t heard of them. I should have been more specific. Not that I doubt better singers exist who are not as conventionally pretty. To each his own.

Some choral stuff would be a great addition! Scala and Kolacny Brothers Heartbeats Good music. Could’ve played a lot with it.


scala and kolacny brothers teenage dirtbag mp3

Creep Scala and Kolacny Brothers Scala. Love the Langley project flapjax.

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Enthusiasm is nice, but a little in-key training might help. All the voices blend together. My two year old and I just sat through that video I Touch Myself 7 times in dortbag row he likes pretty sounding music, wouldn’t let me get through the With or Without You track because its not “happy” soundingso I think I’m familiar with the content by now.

And re-making pop songs in choir versions clearly targets my demographic. Yeah, I hate it, but it’s still fucking great. The Langley and Dondero stuff have it all over this choir.

Now meet Crystal Castles considered to be Witch House. Colorblind cover scala and kolacny brothers Scala and Kolacny kind of obsessed nbd music.

scala and kolacny brothers teenage dirtbag mp3

Thanks ever so much, robcorr. Oh and also, fuck all of the world for only paying attention to singers who are “pretty. Engel Scala And Kolacny. Yeah some of the songs were nice, but I’m just fed up. I miss having a job and making money so I can look forward to doing other stuff. Log in Sign up. Too bad for us I guess. It’s Metafilter’s 20th anniversary! Different strokes, I guess. They are pretty good, check them out.


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Scala and Kolacny Brothers choir heartbeats the knife cover. These girls are also wicked cute – why oh why weren’t they around when I was in choirs? I wasn’t exposed to any other type of music for the first 18 years of my life and when I finally was brotherz was very hard to adjust. Instead they’re mostly in unison with occasional harmonies.

I also heard some men’s glee club singing Tom Petty’s Free Fall and it was absolutely unbelievable.