The former Miss India and Miss Earth, has successfully made an appeal, with her presence on the screen. Savitri is so beautiful and pure, she intimidates all the men in the vicinity. In fact, he looks a perfect match with his slim and fit personality for both the girls, with whom he has performed in the title track, shown at the end of the film, in Bollywood style. She sets out on a pilgrimage for this purpose and finds Satyavan, the son of a blind king named Dyumatsena of Salwa Kingdom ; Dyumatsena lost everything including his sight, and lives in exile as a forest-dweller with his wife and son. Looking at the efforts put in post production, technically speaking, ‘Satyya Savitrri aani Satyyavan’ is a Captivating and realistic film, which is a worth watch. Hemalata Bane impresses through her limited role of Sona Jalgaonkar; but, it gave an impression that her role was edited, to give pace to the enthralling screenplay.

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Impressed at each speech, Yama praises both the content and style of her words and offers any boon, except the life of Satyavan. After Narada announces his agreement with Savitri, Ashwapati acquiesces. That’s what the film poses a question to the audience? One of the earliest is the silent film, Satyavan Savitri directed by Dadasaheb Phalke. Ganesh Yadav is aani his best in the flashback scenes.

Satya Savitri Ani Satyavan () – Cast and Crew | Moviefone

The last wish creates a dilemma for Yama, as it would indirectly grant the life of Satyavan. Finally, pleased by the prayers, God Savitr appears to him and grants him a boon: After his interaction with the two young widows, the dynamic CBI officer is stunned with their beauty and has a reason satya savithri ani satyawan suspect a possible conspiracy.


Please read this carefully, None of the files shown here are actually hosted on this server. Retrieved 18 April The former Miss India and Miss Earth, has successfully made an appeal, with her presence on the screen. Ganesh Yadav is at his best in the flashback scenes. The thirteenth day rituals are on, at the bungalow, when a CBI officer called Sunil Gavaskar Sachit Jadhav arrives from Mumbai, to carry out special investigation in the case, on the orders of the Government aavithri to the complaint lodged by Baban’s satya savithri ani satyawan Supriya, who is a school teacher in a local school.

Many films made in South India center on this story. Now, this film goes on to show another suspense filled political murder mystery. Amruta Patki, Shruti Marathe. Shamal Parab Director, Editor: When satyawa reaches the age of marriage, no man asks for her hand, so her father tells her to find a husband on her own. While, Kishore Pradhan plays a typical Government servant, Angad Mhaskar plays shrewd foreign returned young man aspiring his dreams silently.

Satya Savitri Ani Satyavan

savkthri As the officer progresses with his investigations, he doubts many suspects and the audience keep on guessing as to who could be the real culprit. A Legend and a Symbol “. A treatise entitled Savirti Brata Katha in the Odia language is read out by women while performing the puja.

Joyfully, the king and his entourage return to his kingdom. She first asks for eyesight and restoration of the kingdom for her father-in-law, then a hundred children for her father, and then a hundred children for herself and Satyavan. Sati Savitri was the second talkie Gujarati film. His consort is Malavi. Yama grants life to Satyavan and blesses Satya savithri ani satyawan life with eternal happiness. The film begins with the case of ahi double murder, that of a political leader Balkrishna Pawar Sayya Yadav and his bodyguard Baban Jadhav Rahul Gore at a district place.


But, the background score is appealing. This website or associate websites are not responsible for video satywan hosted on third party websites, as we just embed the videos on this page.

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But, the background score is appealing. Now, this film goes on to show another satya savithri ani satyawan filled political murder mystery. Since she has never asked for anything during the entire year she has spent at the hermitage, Dyumatsena grants her wish. Their hunger for power, is bringing division in the party and at home front too. He has concluded the film very well in the climax. Savitri and Satyavan are married, and she goes to satyw in the forest. He wishes to have a son for his lineage.