Call the URL www. Creating composite roles makes sense if some of your employees need authorizations from several roles. Creating and Implementing an Authorization Concept What does maintain mean? In most cases, however, it is easer to use the roles delivered by SAP as a template, to copy them, and then change them to meet your own requirements. This means that 40 characters are available when assigning user names longer, more descriptive names. Ensure that the user master records are compared automatically by choosing Yes on the dialog box that appears next. Enter address data of your choice.

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It depends on the fields used and on the number of entries. To use single roles sap adm940 the form of a building block principle. A user would fail an authorization check if: Give the roles meaningful names and enter the associated transactions in the following table.

The organizational level fields such as the company code are dap special feature here.

ADM SAP Authorization Concept | Gustavo Adolfo Gonz├ílez Carrizalez –

This means that am940 user administrator can maintain the user. Contains instances authorizations for different authorization objects. What happens to the traffic light symbol status of the User tab after you have saved the data? Sap adm940 Objectives After completing this lesson, you will be able to: Why are authorizations used?


Business Example The SAP authorization concept prevents unauthorized access to the system and to data and objects within the system. The operation is similar to that of graphical file managers. It is also important to determine, if an unsuccessful authorization check is reported, why it was unsuccessful. In this way, you can manually process errors that may have occurred and been reported during the background job. Create another Web address with a link to sap adm940 homepage of your company.

ADM940 SAP AS ABAP – Authorization Concept

Implementation Am940 a technical point sap adm940 view, user roles job roles can be implemented as composite roles using the Profile Generator. The user has the authorization for the authorization object with the correct field values. We therefore recommend that you copy these templates to the customer namespace before changing them. Go to the Menu tab page and select the transactions that are listed wap the sample authorization concept. For more information, see the online documentation, or read SAP Note You can specify the validity period of the user master record sap adm940 these fields.

ADM940 SAP Authorization Concept

The steps required to realize the authorization concept must be planned in the context of the entire implementation process. This ensure that your changes, such as deleting the content of a field are transferred for the relevant fields.

Many customers or users in user departments still believe that it is possible simply to check any values in next to no time. These entities can then be combined into units as required and reused in various courses. The underlying set of rules describes the time difference sap adm940 the time zone and UTC in hours and minutes, and the start and end of summer time.


A user needs the credit management transactions to perform the daily work. To create a sap adm940 record for a user, you copy the model record for the relevant role and customize this record as required. After an individual authentication, an anonymous session begun with a service user can be continued as a person-related session with a dialog user.

If problems occur nevertheless, it is only in this way that the places to be maintained can be found. Each level has its own protection mechanisms. Once a user has been assigned a particular role with menuthe appropriate personal user menu is automatically displayed when the user logs on to the system. Select sap adm940 normal mode Change authorization data.

Save your user assignment. Expand the structure for the Roles node, and choose the report By Role Name. Transporting Authorization Components 15 Minutes Unit 7: