Women who wish to conceive, can chant it. Navagraha Chandra Mantra 1. Shiva Bhajan Hindi Lyrics 1. Lord Shiva Hymn 1. According to Hindu Mythology 3 Lac time chanting of Santhana Gopala Mantra regularly is the most powerful way to please Lord Krishna and get his blessing as.

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Couples desiring to start a family should perform the Santhana Gopala Fire Lab to bring forth their bundle of joy into this world.

These are those cookies that belong to us and which we place on your device or are those set by a website that is being visited by the user at the time e. Durga Aarti in English 1. I santana gopala mantra you consort of Lakshmi who is consort of Rukhmani, Give me a son, Oh Consort of Lakshmioh lord of gopa maidens.

Why Santhana Gopala Yantra? Santana Gopal is the compassionate Lord who understands the pain of santana gopala mantra childless and hence, will bless people with good children. Krishna was a born prodigy and an exceptional genius. I salute son of Devaki, who gives the effect santqna performing Puthra KameshtiWho has lotus like eyes, is the consort of Lakshmiso that I may get a son. He can also bestow them with longevity, sound health, good character and intelligence.

History of Shirdi Sai Baba. Oh Lord who sleeps in Sri Rangaconsort of LakshmiMadhava who gives auspiciousness, Give me a sonOh consort of Lakshmi, the lord of gopa maidens. His Yantra protects the expectant mother against miscarriages and ensures safe delivery of the baby. Branding your topics will give more credibility santana gopala mantra your content, position you as a professional expert and generate conversions and leads.


Santhana Gopala Mantra | Santana | संतान गोपाल मन्त्र | MP3

Yantras consist of a series of geometric patterns. How to curate as a team? Govinda who is a flower to his devotees, Lord who is wish giving gem to devotees, Give me a son, KrishnaI surrender to you. Using the santana gopala mantra planetary position, an answer is revealed. Light a candle or ghee lamp and an incense stick in front of the Yantra. I come gpala surrender to you, give me a son Oh Krishna, Oh Vasudeva who is saluted by the worldLord of Lakshmibest among purushas.

Please allow 2 – 4 weeks for international delivery. Shiva Mantar manfra 1. June 5, Total Views: Navagraha Chandra Mantra 1. How can I send a newsletter from maantra topic?

Santhana Gopala Mantra , Santhana Gopala Mantras –

Place the Yantra facing the East or the North in a clean and snatana altar. The vibrant Yantra would bless the couple with children, good health and prosperity.

Give me a son, Oh Govindalotus eyed one and consort of Lakshmi, Give santana gopala mantra a son, give me a sonI surrender to you. It also helps overcome delays and complications arising due to pregnancy and ensures safe delivery of the baby.


Powerful Santana Gopala Mantra for women who wish to conceive

Significance of Hanuman Jayanthi. Lord of LakshmiLotus eyed oneLord who is father of PradyumnaGive me a son, give me a sonI surrender to you. This site is best viewable in Internet Explorer 7. Yantras are usually made out of copper. Oh Madava who likes the shifting lotus like heart of Lakshmi, Oh fulfiller of wishes, According to my desire, give me a son and I surrender to you. This ritual is performed with the intention of blessing you with progeny to carry on your lineage.

I beg from you a blessed son, so give me the wealth of a son, Oh wish giving gem of devotionOh RamaSantana gopala mantra Great lord who is the wish giving tree. Krishna with eyes like santana gopala mantra who is saluted by sages and respected by Devendra, Oh Rama the elder brother of Lakshmanagive me always a son.