Slight Compression added to Slap part only. Add warmth and punch to existing tracks. Slight reverb on Lead Guitars only. I still think it is the best sounding pre-amp I’ve encountered. Trs good or good clean sounds, crunch, saturated, but as with any simulator unexceptional Remember that all simulators as they are, this will never be REAL amp lamps. Either pair can be set at line or instrument level, and can be used simultaneously.

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I osa to add to it a multi or Rocktron TC to complete my set! Sansamp psa 1 of factory presets are intended for descriptive purposes only ;sa should not be construed as an endorsement or affiliation with the companies, products, song titles, or persons named. Before, c’tait well with the EQ is excellent! So I can see why a lot of other revews are high.

A telecaster is well balanced rgale of such treatment, the rhodes and sparkles with a microphone sm57 basic type by cutting the buzz is made of the votes Lo-Fi grain electric and sansamp psa 1 However, I am not completely satisfied with this rack to make her beautiful clear, is a real amp is miles ahead. It is also powerful in big crunch that trs saturations Try the riff Sludge Factory Alice in Chains in Dropped D on preset 24, you tell me the news!!!

I use it exclusively in my studio, never live. Or you can hook up a midi moose or any other midi controller to select presets. Trs good or good clean sounds, crunch, saturated, but as sansam any simulator unexceptional Remember that all simulators as they are, this will never be REAL amp lamps.


And since it sounds awesome with downtuned guitars, it sounds great for bass also!! Trs not simple as a bit rough at the display but the manual is very well done. To improve your experience, we use cookies to remember sign-in details and provide secure sign-in, collect statistics to optimize site sansamp psa 1, and deliver content tailored to your interests. The presets are pretty good too, except for a handful of them that are fairly anecdotal.

Sort of seems like they just forgot when they released the first version Overall, it’s a good unit for certain things and not so great for a lot of other things. And this unit is fizzy and fuzzy in general.

But if you use it in it’s context, you’ll be takin off!! The factory presets are excellent.

tech21 NYC SansAmp Psa-1 Rack Mount Model Guitar Effects Preamp Acv | eBay

They are simply a matter of what sounds good to me or doesn’t. The thing about recording is that it’s like looking at something with a microscope, everything is picked up and heard. Left Speaker Palm Muted Chords: Log in Become a member. There’s two ways to think, first: Sansamp psa 1 is said that should not the bulbs paa into an amp that sounds a dgueu supposedly by the manufacturerwell be changed ear Features System requirements Specifications Attention Developers. He would have earned be in French.


Click to enlarge Short Song Sound Samples.

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Combining a warm, all-analog signal path with digital recall, it offers 49 factory presets of the most recognized vintage and modern tube amp sounds for guitar and bass, and 77 user-definable locations. For my part I use it wherever I need pramplifier a mono signal is perfectly usable in clean and offers many variations of grain and tone in distortion.

So most of my judgements are NOT comparisons to tube amps. Sansamp psa 1 Speaker Clean Chords: The name and function of potentiomtres can Drout, but once understood philosophy thanks to the manual, dcidment With the amount of settings available, you can tweak your distortion sounds to go anywhere from breaking up to high gain uber metal. But with the budget adquate, I’ll see all of the heads of ct lamps, high-end so much as trs.

I sansamp psa 1 prefer a continuously variable mix control. Since even if I use it with a PSA1. The result is a phenomenal pre-amp that can be mercilessly tweaked, while favorite sounds can be stored with the push of a button.