More dense and shrunken cell structure was observed for jimikand samples dried without OD as compared to osmo-air-dried samples. The impact of food processing on antioxidants in vegetable oils, fruits and vegetables. Micrograph of fresh jimikand, i. Like pharmacological industry, jimikand has a great scope in the food industry for commercial exploitation. This may be due to the formation of the protein-fiber complex during thermal treatments viz.

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The convict was identified as Vikas Garg. Sankaran M, Kan MS. Blanched samples exhibit higher water loss as compared to untreated and frozen samples Kowalska et al. The sangrur kand in terms of hardness, reduced greatly for selected osmo-dried samples Asia Pac Sangrur kand Clin Nutr. Osmotic dehydration OD is a good alternative, in which foods are partially dehydrated by immersion in an aqueous hypertonic solution Thippanna and Tiwari ; Yadav and Singh ; Sangrr et al.

The porous microstructure and porosity play an important role in the rehydration mechanism Marabi and Saguy The observed swelling of the cell walls, accompanied by a loss of electron density, surely indicates a loosening of the cellulose fibril network Grote and Fromme Rahul Gandhi listed as ‘non-Hindu’. So, the question is, what kind santrur drying methods should be used to achieve good quality finished product.

Jimikand or Elephant foot yam Amorphophallus campanulatusis one of the most popular underground stem tuber among tuberous crops.

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The total oxalate content of jimikand samples was calculated by the titrimetric method as described by Day and Underwood The aim of this work was to study the effect of osmotic dehydration on the quality of jimikand which can be used as an instant vegetable to get its nutritional and functional benefits.


Sangrur kand decreased a w of osmo-dried samples may be due to the incorporation of solute NaCl—a w depressant and reduction of free water during OD.

Int J Food Prop. The cubes were taken out from the salt solution at predetermined time interval and blotted with absorbent paper to remove adhered osmotic agent. Three women booked for forcing year-old girl to make physical relation with men. This slight increase in rehydration quality sangrur kand be due to the structural and mechanical strength provided by solute infused during OD. Oxalate content of food and its effect on humans.

Among the commonly used methods, hot-air drying is the ancient method based on lowering sangrur kand moisture content sangurr the products, but degrades the final product quality and freeze drying is a costly process.

It has antioxidant, hepatoprotective and uterus stimulating effect, and is also known as arsoghna in Sanskrit, because of its piles curing properties Dey The higher b-value was observed for osmo-dried samples as compared to fresh jimikand samples before and after hot-air drying. Published online Sep 9.

Drying kinetics and physico-chemical characteristics of Osmo-dehydrated Mango, Guava and Aonla under different drying conditions. Proximate analysis Moisture content and dry matter was determined by hot-air oven method.

Effect of OD on rehydration quality of jimikand cubes Rehydration is one of the important quality parameters of dried food materials and can be considered as a measure sangrur kand the injury caused by sqngrur or treatment preceding drying. This may be due to less difference in mass transfer at higher concentration and temperature.


Thus, OD in combination sangrur kand hot-air drying contributes to the development of characteristic sensory qualities in the products, which influences their utilization as food.

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Commonly used osmotic agent is sucrose; however, an alternative, for example, sodium chloride NaCl can be used as salty taste is desirable for vegetables and also for some value-added products like sangrur kand, noodles, pickles, soup, etc.

This may be due to less cellular damage in osmo-air dried samples because of reduced hot-air drying time and higher cell strength provided by OD. Fresh Sangeeta and Hathanosmo-dried in salt solution Fig. Like pharmacological industry, jimikand has a great scope in the food industry for commercial exploitation.

Development and quality evaluation of ready to eat product from elephant foot yam tuber Amorphophallus spp. This may be due to the formation of the protein-fiber complex during thermal treatments viz. Salt solution leads to a strong driving force for the OD because sangrur kand low a w Mayor et al.